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Honey, Do Get Me Some!


Oh the joys of pregnancy! Morning sickness, exhaustion, itchy skin, varicose veins and those dreaded stretch marks! What’s a pregnant gal to do?  Fight back with Honeydew Skin Care! Honeydew takes a tongue-in-cheek approach when it comes to battling all the bumps, lumps and aches during those long nine months of pregnancy. Balmy Mommy (an itch-relief belly balm), Bun in the Oven (super-rich belly butter), A Leg Up (soothing foot & leg lotion) and C-Scar Therapy (antioxidant scar cream) are a few of the fun products they offer, all of which are formulated using natural botanicals and without parabens, petrolatum, synthetic colors, dyes or perfumes. I’ve been using the C-Scar Therapy cream on one of my playground war-wounds and it has faded the once dark pink scar on my arm. Hey, sometimes parenthood is just as rough on the bod as pregnancy. Prices range from $22-$65. Honeydew Skin Care is available at select retailers, as well as online at HoneydewSkinCare and Nordstrom.



Friday 19th of June 2009

The name of this product cracks me up! But I have used it and it is fantastic!