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Maya & David’s Shared Room


A neutral gender shared space for a toddler girl and baby boy.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from the Modern blue baby nursery featured here long time ago! I wanted to mixed with some modern straight lines so my 3 year old girl wouldn't be on a complete yellow  wall!.  Since we live in a apartment we chose to go for wall decals to avoid a lot of holes and charges in the future! :)

Decorating Style

I decorate with what I have and tried to accent them with something new.

Project Details

I followed the directions to do the diamond stripes ( and trust me it is not that difficut, since I did it by my self, 2 weeks before my new baby came). 

crib bedding: from Nojo at babies R US

wall decals: giraffe from

tree: from babies R us 

white curtains:  Ikea

duvet: Ikea $ 13.00

bed skirt : I sew the skirt of an old sofa microfiber cover, and attached it with a sheet.

green and brown storage containers : home depot from the Martha stewart collection only $ 7.00 each

paint: Behr  pyramid gold



Favorite Items

the crib bedding and my toddler bedding, I think it complements the wall color very nicely.


just to work with your room little by little take your time as you find those special things  to incorporate them. 


Friday 18th of February 2011

Your animal theme crib bedding is absolutely adorable. And your giraffe wall decals are cute. I am just not a fan of diagonal stripes on the wall =(


Tuesday 15th of February 2011

@ Dandelion;  Yes we live in a two bedroom  apartment, so we took the master bedroom (bigger) and made it into "the kids room"  :)  In response to your question....  my toddler bedding  is apple green, and my son's crib bedding is just a little bit darker (olive green).

@ Hawahawa;   thank you it is very practical and allows us to start practing the 'let's share" word starting now :)    As I mentioned before I'm still making some changes as I  gather pieces that will go with the nursery, but Im not sure as to until when it is still appropiate for them to be in the same room.  any suggestions?  I was still for the next 3 years?  thanks for your comments!


Monday 14th of February 2011

Me too, your shared room is a first. And I find it practical and convenient for their age... when you still need to watch over your toddler and care for your baby at the same time. It also allows for some sibling bonding. How long do you intend for them to share a room? 


Tuesday 8th of February 2011

This is the first time I have seen a baby boy's nursery and a little girl's nursery combined. I guess it works, especially if you really have a limited space. Anyway, I really love the shade of green you used for your bedding. Any idea what they call this same exact color?