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His minty nest


The perfect mix of 2 great colors!

Design Inspiration

I knew I wanted mint in our new nursery.  I had an amazing mint purse that I took into home depot to match up with a paint color- sea glass from Martha Stewart.  I had originally wanted to do yellow in the nursery so I found ways to weave it in as well!

Decorating Style

Hand made!  Things that are refurbished, hand sewn, or straight up hand built have much more meaning than something I could pick up at the store.  Years down the road I will be able to say "oh so and so made that for you because you are so special!!"  If you see something you like on etsy or pinterest, think about your crafty friends and family and send a project their way!  That's not to say you shouldn't buy things on those sites for your nest, I surely did my fair share of that too!

Project Details

  • The paint on the walls: Plain white and Owl grey (from benjamin moore) were used for our stripes.  (I just measured 13 inch stripes and taped them with frog paint)
  • The mint paint used for the crib, toy chest, and door painting is called Sea Glass from Martha Stewart.
  • The yellow paint for the dresser and Dr. Seuss painting was a mixed bag of nuts.  I basically found a swatch with 3 different shades of yellow and didn’t really like them.  So I started to mix them together in certain variations to get what I wanted.  I did the top drawer and base the lightest yellow, then one shade darker for each drawer.
  • The animal heads are form Z galleria.
  • The curtain fabric is called corn yellow from Hancock’s or JoAnn’s fabrics (I can’t remember which one!)
  • My mother in law made the curtains.
  • My mother made the cushions for our glider, the pillow, and one of the crib blankets.
  • The crib skirt is from pottery barn kids.
  • I made the stencil paintings.
  • I also made the mobile from paint chips!  It cost me about 6$ total to make.  :)   There are lots of DIY tutorials on how to make them on your own.
  • The mint octopus is from etsy shop:
  • Our chevron switch cover is from:
  • Our yellow bookshelf was hand made by my husband, John!  It goes so great next to the amazing curtains his mother made us!

Favorite Items

My favorite item...I have to pick two!  1. is my hand made paint chip mobile and 2. is the rhino head!


If you get the urge to add stuff, just do it.  You can always take it back/tone it back/or move it if it doesn't fit the way you want!  If your paint color doesn't look right, just mix in some white (or darker of that color) to either brighten it or darken it to what you want- you don't always have to go buy a whole new paint color to fix it!  If I had gone back to get paint every time the color wasn't right, I would be broke!  Thank goodness for white paint!


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Tuesday 9th of April 2013

Nice nursery. It has fresh, soft and airy colors. And the clean lines really make the space look relaxing and easy on the eyes.