Boy’s Teepee Bedroom

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My little boy was approaching two and I had a baby on the way.  I needed to design a bedroom for him that he would love so much he wouldn't be sad leaving his nursery.  This is what gave me the idea of doing a mountain wall, I knew he would love seeing mountains on his walls because he LOVES being outside.  This was a success, as the second he saw his new wall, he started pretending to drive four wheelers all over it!  I found this darling teepee at Hobby Lobby and knew I wanted to do a teepee themed room.  I actually made the bedding myself and found the fabric in the grey, white, yellow, and turquoise, this is what determined the color scheme for the room. I wanted something fun, but also calm and relaxing.  For this reason I went with both yellow and blue in the room, the majority being grey and white.

For the entire room feature, along with ALL the links to products used, go to:

TIPS: When creating a mountain wall, create random, rather than uniform peaks.  I made the peaks steep and was happier with them that way.  Refer to this post to get perfect lines for the mountain wall:

Hope you enjoy!


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