Alessandra’s All-White Nursery

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I like to think this all-white nursery reflects a country-vintage style.  It was a labour of love and took several months to pull together.  I was also very budget conscious throughout this project.  Many of the items in the nursery are second-hand or DIY projects.  I also did not have a lot of space to work with, so I put the change table in the closet and chose smaller furniture items.

Design Inspiration

While driving down a street in Natchez, Mississippi, we passed this great antique shop that had their garage-style doors wide open.  As we drove by I caught a glimpse of a wonderful white ottoman and I new I had to have it.  We went back the next day and my mother-in-law purchased it for our baby-to-be.  This became the focal point of my design inspiration for the nursery.

Decorating Style

I love vintage and antique items.  I feel they hold incredible character and energy.  I am drawn towards clean, fresh colours that create a calm and comforting environment.  I love cottage and country style, but only when injected into a room in small doses.

Project Details

I did my best to stay on a fairly strict budget.  Both the crib, change table and dresser were bought used off of kijiji. The crib is a Jenny Lind and is absolutely gorgeous.  I refinished the dresser myself by painting it a bright white, applying the appliques, and changing the hardware.  I also did all of the artwork and spray painted the frames myself.  The frames above the crib that have Alessandra's initials in them were actually mirrors I bought at the dollar store. I just knocked the mirror out and replaced it with card stock and added the initials.  The medallion above the crib was also a kijiji purchase and I got it for $2.  I just cleaned it and spray painted it.   That whole wall was done for under $5!  Nearly everything else was bought on sale.
-The crib bedding is by Picci and it was purchased on Amazon. I did, however, add my own bows to the bumpers to give it a more girly feel.
-The glider was also purchased on Amazon, and I managed to get it for under $300, including shipping.  I am lucky to have a close friend who lives in Montana so I had many items shipped to her house where I drove down and picked them up (many items would not ship to Canada):
-The rug was purchased on ebay.
-The bookcase, lamp, shelving and mirror were bought at Home Sense.
-The custom  monogram was purchased through Etsy from Scrappin Plus.
-The burlap "LOVE" bunting was also an Etsy purchase by HEM design.
-The white bunting above the closet was purchased from Patchwork and Lace on Etsy.
-The bunting above the change table was purchased from This is Small House on Etsy.
-The mobile/pendant was purchased at Pottery Barn Kids.  I just added a few more crystals myself (purchased at Michaels).
-The white curtains and curtain rod were bought at Target, and I made the sheer curtains myself.
-The ottoman was bought at an antique store in Natchez, Mississippi.

Favorite Items

It's hard to choose just one favorite item.  Although the ottoman was my inspiration, I love the crib and the dresser.  Because I refinished the dresser myself, I suppose I take the most pride in that.


Don't be afraid of white or soft colours!  Many people think nursery's should be bold, loud, colourful and stimulating, but in my opinion, they should be the complete opposite.  A nursery is really only used for the baby to sleep in for the first couple of years of their life.  It should be calm, soft, clean, relaxing and comforting.


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    I love the very light and delicate colors you used. And the details are just meticulously and tastefully put together.

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    What a creative mother! So nice to know that Sunny’s mom reached into her soul to create a calm and comforting room for her baby girl. An extension of her mother skills no doubt. Well done. Absolutely beauiful and original…….you are your own decorator. WELL DONE.

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    this is beautiful! i was going to do an all white nursery too, thank you for the inspiration! your choices are great, and it looks like such a sweet serene place to spend time with your baby. enjoy!

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    Wow, I have been voting faithfully every single day with the hope your serene, uncomplicated but gentle nursery takes the prize. Love it.

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    I would love to know the color of the walls in this room and the brand of paint you bought. Please let me know if you have a moment!

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