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In the Big Kid’s Room with House of Hire Designs

Lauren Hire, of House of Hire Designs, is graciously letting us into her home today to tour this amazing solar system boy’s room she designed for her son. Every detail is just perfect—each time I look at the pictures I find something new that I love. There are plenty of big boy room ideas here if you are looking for inspiration for your own space. We love Lauren’s philosophy on how to make sure you are designing for your child and not for yourself. She has some great tips. We’ll let her take it from here. Thanks, Lauren!

Space Themed Boy's Room - Project Junior

Interior Design has always been my passion long before I realized I could turn it into my job. House of Hire Designs started as a blog and has morphed into a company that offers clients interior design help for a variety of projects. We do local full service design and anything in-between. Additionally we offer E-Design to clients regardless of where they live since this design process is done through email and design boards.

Black and White Boy's Room with Triangle Decals - Project JuniorBearStar Map

First and foremost, I am a wife and a busy mom to my two sweet little boys. I love spending quality time with my family. Being able to work from home has been such a game changer. Interiors are my passion and I am always striving to make our home as functional as possible and a reflection of where we are in our life.

Black and White Boy's Room with Triangle Decals - Project Junior

Being an Interior Decorator means I have design on my brain a lot of the time. So naturally when trying to create a special room for my oldest son I put my heart and soul into it and the process came fairly easily.

Black and White Boy's Room with Solar System Theme - Project Junior

My design process for this room was very gradual in the sense that I really wanted it to be reflection of Bobby and where he is in his life and what his interests are. So I started there and with his help created an overall vibe and scheme that would really suit him.

Solar System Themed Boy's Room - Project Junior

I wanted it to be a place that encompassed his passions and a room that he wants to be in. I think that is one of the biggest challenges you can have designing—remembering it’s not a space for you personally.

Solar System Themed Boy's Room with Educational Charts Art - Project Junior
Educational Charts Artwork

It’s one of my favorite spaces in the house. He loves the solar system, clocks and time as well as music, so when I walk in that room, it makes me so happy because it just feels so much like him.

Black and White Boy's Room - Project Junior
Throw Pillows

I really enjoyed talking to Bobby and figuring out what he really wanted for his big boy room. Working with a child, even if they are your own, is a much different experience than designing with an adult. It was so sweet to hear the things that were important for him to have in his room because his desires for the space were often different than mine.

Black and White Boy's Room - Project Junior

My advice to other designers or parents tackling the design of their kid’s room is to remember that it’s a space for your child. So it’s okay for it to have more color than the rest of your house, and it’s okay for it to have a little clutter of toys out in the corner. Kids’ rooms aren’t meant to be perfect I think that’s why they love them so much.

Space Themed Black and White Boy's Room with Solar System Light - Project Junior
Solar System Model | Lamb | Rocker

Photography by Lauren Hire


Sunday 18th of October 2020

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