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Turquoise Toffee

I am a lover of all things turquoise and always find a way to add a touch of turquoise to my party decor! My blog,, showcases all the baking, decorating, fitness, fashion, beauty and baby ideas I have--and they all somehow incorporate the colour turquoise! If you love turquoise too then follow @turquoisetoffee on Instagram and Pinterest for even more inspiration. I'm a wife, new mom, and vintage loving lady with loads of ideas to share!


Addams Family Nursery

The Addams Family is an unusual theme for a baby nursery, but it’s perfect for our new little one! We are big lovers of Halloween, and I’m a particular fan of the Addams Family. I think I was Morticia for at least 3 Halloween’s in a row as a child. You can even see in the maternity photos on the wall that I went for a total Morticia vibe.
There are elements in the room from both the tv show and the movies. I watched the Addams Family Values and took pictures of the nursery Gomez made for Morticia. My favourite was the art on the wall of the big fish eating the smaller fish, so I just freehand painted it on canvas, though I made it a bit less sinister and a bit more cute! Another DIY project was the quote, “You’re dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world.” A third DIY project was the Cousin It, made up of just yarn, a pickle jar, and hot glue!
The Autographed photo of Wednesday Addams signed by Christina Ricci was pretty special. We got it at the Comic Expo while on the Babymoon, it was so cool to meet and talk to her! But the coolest thing in the whole room is probably that three legged onesie I had custom made by CJsHandknits back in 2015 for our first baby (see what I mean about a deep love of the Addams family!?).
My tips and advice for anybody wanting to do an unusual nursery theme based on something they love is to just GO FOR IT! There are no rules that say nurseries have to be pastel or monotone, be yourself and be creative!
More pictures and details are on my blog, check it out here:

Frozen Winter Wonderland Third Birthday Party

My baby girl just turned three, and since her birthday falls in winter, and since she loves Disney’s Frozen, we threw her a Frozen Winter Wonderland Third Birthday Party! It was a huge hit, she was so excited to see all the decorations and the Christmas tree when she woke up. And bonus for me, half my holiday decorations were done for the season!
It was a subtle Frozen theme; no Elsa shaped cake or Anna balloons or “Pin the Nose on the Olaf.” I wanted something simple and sophisticated, and honestly I didn’t want to have to buy any more Frozen things than we already have. So, I just kept everything white and turquoise and I used her own toys as decorations. It was all she needed and it was perfect!
For links to the recipes come on over to my blog, !

Freak Show Circus First Birthday Party

My Baby Boy recently turned one and while I was drawn to the adorable circus and carnival themed parties I saw online, they just lacked that pizzazz I wanted for my birthday boy. I knew I wanted something masculine yet cute, but also unique and maybe even a bit edgy. I brainstormed our favorite travel locations and my mind was instantly drawn to Coney Island with its delicious hot dogs and ice cream and, of course, the Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth. And thus was born Baby K’s Freak Show Circus themed first birthday party!
The party was filled with homemade baking and DIY projects, from the backdrop for the cake smash to the freak show cutouts. All the DIY instructions and recipes are available on my blog, !

Dinos and Donuts 2nd Birthday Party

My little girl recently turned two and we threw her a Dinosaurs and Donuts party!  She absolutely loves dinosaurs, and I absolutely love doughnuts, so it was a perfect combination. And it wasn’t even that hard to throw a dinosaur party with a feminine vibe.
Baby J has been obsessed with dinosaurs ever since we took her into the Dinosaur museum when we did my maternity photos in the Badlands last year (click here to see them!). So I had to find a way to give her a girly dinosaur party, complete with her own special girly dinosaur dress–which she hasn’t stopped wearing, btw!
We kept the food and decor really simple since at two years old she doesn’t have the most exotic taste and I am was a busy Mom of two under two. The best part was the Giant Donut Cake!  The decorations were super simple. Pink, white and turquoise streamers were the backdrop along with balloons and glitter pom poms.  The table cloth was fabulously tropical and we gave the little dinosaur toys tutus.
It was a really simple yet super cute party and it only helped to increase her love of dinosaurs, my nerdy little brilliant girl!  You can come to my blog post for all the recipes and more here!

Gold, Turquoise and Pink Little Girl Room

Now that there’s a new baby in the house, Baby J is out of the nursery and into her own Big Girl Room, and she loves it!  I can totally see why: this room is glam and girly and so much fun!
Those golden wall decals are definitely the highlight of the room, especially because painting the walls was not an option.  My favourite item in the room is the birth announcement cross stitch that I made for her. It’s massive and beautiful and took a really long time to finish but I think she will treasure it forever. I also adore the retro turquoise kitchen, isn’t it amazing?! The Nancy Drew set is pretty special, and the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant was the little pair of white baby shoes from the 1920s. There’s just so much love on that wall!
Without a doubt, Baby J’s favourite part of the room is the book ledges. She pulls books off those shelves All. Day. Long. Seriously, she doesn’t even need toys, she just reads books. She likes the turquoise kitchen, too, but not as much as her books! It’s a miracle I was able to get a picture of them without her pulling the books down to read. Sometimes she likes to sit and read in her little reading corner, but mostly she just sits by those ledges or crawls onto her bed.
There are a few DIY projects: I made the name banner above her bed for her day of birth, the cloud mobile above her bed,  my husband spray painted the table and chair set, and I made two cross stitches. I think the decal wall counts as a DIY, too!  You can come to the blog, Turquoise Toffee, to read more about this room and where I bought absolutely everything!

Batman, Gotham City Nursery

When we found out we were having a boy and were discussing how to decorate the nursery, I said I wanted a New York City theme while my husband said Batman. The compromise was easy: Gotham City.
I didn’t want the Batman aspect to take over the whole room, I was aiming for a more sophisticated and subtle Batman theme than typical. I really think I achieved that by focusing on the architecture of Gotham City, which of course is New York!  Manhattan is our favourite place in the whole world and every time I go in this room I’m taken back there.
That giant New York City mural is definitely the highlight of the room. It covers the whole wall and is so grand–the photos do not do it justice.  And I also just adore the acrylic crib, isn’t it posh?!
There are a few DIYs in this room. I made the Dark Knight Mobile hanging above the crib out of cardstock, the yarn covered monogram, the batman paper garland under the book shelf, and the grey, white and turquoise chevron crochet blanket.  Check out my blog post here for more!
I am really in love with that picture of Batman on the Chrysler building, isn’t it magnificent?  A great Etsy find!  The Addams Family (my favourite family–aren’t Gomez and Morticia the ultimate couple?!) three legged onesie was a custom purchase from a terrific Etsy seller as well, and we found the Baby Han Solo drawing at Comic Con!
Our baby boy has a pair of vintage shoes and the complete set of Hardy Boys books.  He already has a fabulous set of New York and Batman themed books, and if he’s anything like his older sister those will be his favourite part of the room!
We love this nursery and think he will like it right into his Big Boy years.