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Gold, Turquoise and Pink Little Girl Room


Now that there's a new baby in the house, Baby J is out of the nursery and into her own Big Girl Room, and she loves it!  I can totally see why: this room is glam and girly and so much fun!

Those golden wall decals are definitely the highlight of the room, especially because painting the walls was not an option.  My favourite item in the room is the birth announcement cross stitch that I made for her. It’s massive and beautiful and took a really long time to finish but I think she will treasure it forever. I also adore the retro turquoise kitchen, isn’t it amazing?! The Nancy Drew set is pretty special, and the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant was the little pair of white baby shoes from the 1920s. There’s just so much love on that wall!

Without a doubt, Baby J’s favourite part of the room is the book ledges. She pulls books off those shelves All. Day. Long. Seriously, she doesn’t even need toys, she just reads books. She likes the turquoise kitchen, too, but not as much as her books! It’s a miracle I was able to get a picture of them without her pulling the books down to read. Sometimes she likes to sit and read in her little reading corner, but mostly she just sits by those ledges or crawls onto her bed.

There are a few DIY projects: I made the name banner above her bed for her day of birth, the cloud mobile above her bed,  my husband spray painted the table and chair set, and I made two cross stitches. I think the decal wall counts as a DIY, too!  You can come to the blog, Turquoise Toffee, to read more about this room and where I bought absolutely everything!