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Batman, Gotham City Nursery


When we found out we were having a boy and were discussing how to decorate the nursery, I said I wanted a New York City theme while my husband said Batman. The compromise was easy: Gotham City.

I didn’t want the Batman aspect to take over the whole room, I was aiming for a more sophisticated and subtle Batman theme than typical. I really think I achieved that by focusing on the architecture of Gotham City, which of course is New York!  Manhattan is our favourite place in the whole world and every time I go in this room I’m taken back there.

That giant New York City mural is definitely the highlight of the room. It covers the whole wall and is so grand–the photos do not do it justice.  And I also just adore the acrylic crib, isn’t it posh?!

There are a few DIYs in this room. I made the Dark Knight Mobile hanging above the crib out of cardstock, the yarn covered monogram, the batman paper garland under the book shelf, and the grey, white and turquoise chevron crochet blanket.  Check out my blog post here for more!

I am really in love with that picture of Batman on the Chrysler building, isn’t it magnificent?  A great Etsy find!  The Addams Family (my favourite family–aren’t Gomez and Morticia the ultimate couple?!) three legged onesie was a custom purchase from a terrific Etsy seller as well, and we found the Baby Han Solo drawing at Comic Con!

Our baby boy has a pair of vintage shoes and the complete set of Hardy Boys books.  He already has a fabulous set of New York and Batman themed books, and if he’s anything like his older sister those will be his favourite part of the room!

We love this nursery and think he will like it right into his Big Boy years.