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Addams Family Nursery


The Addams Family is an unusual theme for a baby nursery, but it’s perfect for our new little one! We are big lovers of Halloween, and I’m a particular fan of the Addams Family. I think I was Morticia for at least 3 Halloween’s in a row as a child. You can even see in the maternity photos on the wall that I went for a total Morticia vibe.

There are elements in the room from both the tv show and the movies. I watched the Addams Family Values and took pictures of the nursery Gomez made for Morticia. My favourite was the art on the wall of the big fish eating the smaller fish, so I just freehand painted it on canvas, though I made it a bit less sinister and a bit more cute! Another DIY project was the quote, “You’re dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world.” A third DIY project was the Cousin It, made up of just yarn, a pickle jar, and hot glue!

The Autographed photo of Wednesday Addams signed by Christina Ricci was pretty special. We got it at the Comic Expo while on the Babymoon, it was so cool to meet and talk to her! But the coolest thing in the whole room is probably that three legged onesie I had custom made by CJsHandknits back in 2015 for our first baby (see what I mean about a deep love of the Addams family!?).

My tips and advice for anybody wanting to do an unusual nursery theme based on something they love is to just GO FOR IT! There are no rules that say nurseries have to be pastel or monotone, be yourself and be creative!

More pictures and details are on my blog, check it out here:



Sunday 7th of March 2021

I love the baby nursery! How did you get the drawing from the Adams Family baby Puberty nursery?