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When it comes to baby gear, it’s hard to decide between necessity and luxury. The bassinet was one of the items I went back and forth on. It was important to me that my baby spent the first few months next to our bedside, but I didn’t want to purchase an item that would only …

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I tell you the Europeans have it all figured out. For those of you who live in a large urban city or small beach town, you are more than likely in need of more floor and storage space. For an immediate solution, look to wall storage for items such as a desk or changer in a child’s room…

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At Little Crown Interiors, we receive several requests for play tables and chairs in our nursery and kid’s room designs. So, we wanted to share some of our top picks with you. And, be on the lookout for one of these sets in our upcoming project photos. Our first crush, by Context Furniture, is an adorable two-toned table and chair set, perfect for a truly modern family!

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Dreaming of creating the ultimate princess nursery complete with a grand crystal chandelier? You will fall in love with the lighting designs by Jubliee Collection. Although I’ve become more of a modernist in my design aesthetic as my kids have grown, there was a day not too long ago when a crystal chandelier in the nursery was an absolute prerequisite. The entire look of my first daughter’s nursery was ultra feminine, shabby chic with a touch of glamour. My daughter still talks about the sparkly chandelier that used to hang in her New York nursery.

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Dinner time moods, they can vary in so many ways. Kids can be anxious, sleepy, “staaaaaaarving,” and a lot of times even energized to the point of chasing the family pet around the table. Let’s be honest, between the oven timer beckoning your call and pouring everyone’s drink of choice it’s not easy to keep children focused on settling in for the meal ahead of them…

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