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Lily & Momo: Fun with Clips

I have to admit when I first found I was having a girl, I immediately started dreaming of dressing her in puffy dresses and over-the-top hair bows, but it wasn’t long before my dream was cut short. When my daughter was first born, I could get away with sneaking a headband on for a picture, but I was lucky if she wore it long enough for me to snap the picture. As she got older, it became even more challenging to accessorize her hair.

I secretly never gave up hope that someday I would be able to tame what we call her “crazy hair.” I continued to purchase hair clips and barrettes with the hope that they would meet both of my needs: win my toddler’s approval and stay in her thin hair. Lily & Momo has provided the solution I’ve been searching for. Finally, here is something that both my daughter and I can agree on—she loves the adorable, vibrant designs, and I love that they hold her hair in place.

Lily & Momo Crown Hair Clip

Their hair clip collection includes everything from princess crowns to beautiful butterflies—my personal favorite.

Lily & Momo Hair Clips

She looks forward to picking out her clips every morning. Clips that help stop morning hair battles and put a smile on my picky toddler’s face are a keeper in my book.

Lily & Momo Hair Clips

Lily & Momo’s handmade collection of accessories also includes hair bows, ponytail holders, headbands, purses and bags. Check out their website for a list of stores that sell Lily & Momo accessories.

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Saturday 12th of November 2011

I absolutely adore their felt-cloth clips! They are just so cute and fun. I think they are rather easy to make, too.

Bekah Hill

Wednesday 9th of November 2011

Oh, I love the look of those clips and if they really work I'll be hooked!

Too cute!