Dinner Time Peacekeeping

Dinner time moods, they can vary in so many ways. Kids can be anxious, sleepy, “staaaaaaarving,” and a lot of times even energized to the point of chasing the family pet around the table. Let’s be honest, between the oven timer beckoning your call and pouring everyone’s drink of choice it’s not easy to keep children focused on settling in for the meal ahead of them.

For a pre-dinner helping hand we love pairing Name Your Design’s  sturdy laminated placemats with a dry erase marker. One side teaches them the placement of dishes and utensils while the other side encourages them to use pictures and words to describe about their day.

DEAL ALERT! Personalization is always free at Name Your Design and now through September 30th you can save an additional 10% by using Coupon Code: SEPT10 at checkout.


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    I know what you mean about them being unruly during dinner time (even BEFORE and AFTER!) These are great stuff that helps you gain some moments of peace! Thanks for sharing.

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    when i started reading i figured it was going to be filled with obvious information, but actually it came out to be quite interesting. im impressed!

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    when i stumbled upon this i figured it was going to be filled with obvious info, but really it came out to be really useful. good job!

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