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Clementine Swaddle

A Baby Registry Game Changer + $250 Giveaway!

It wasn’t that long ago that I had my first baby, but the way the industry has changed over the years, it might as well have been in the dark ages! When creating my baby registry, I had to physically go to the store and zap everything with the scanning gun. I also had to provide a list of all the stores I registered at to the baby shower host, and if something was out of stock, I was just out of luck! Oh my, how things have changed! […]

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Crane Owl Humidifier

Because Sick Kids Happen

Let’s face it, there is nothing scarier than the first time your baby gets sick. I think every mama can relate to that fear of baby’s first cold! We may do everything in our power to avoid our little ones getting sick, but sometimes it’s just inevitable. So when it happens, we need to be ready. […]

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