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Sweet Dreams with Rookie Humans

Before kids, I never really understood parents saying how they love watching their kids sleep. Believe me when I say that all changed the second I had my own baby. One week in and I had two new favorite pastimes—one, watching my little girl sleep and two, trying to capture that precious moment. I know, total new mom move. Now if only Rookie Humans crib sheets were available back then. With Rookie Humans sheets as a backdrop, your snapshot quickly becomes a masterpiece. How often can you say that about a crib sheet?

Party in My Crib Rookie Humans Crib Sheet

Rookie Humans works with talented artists who take their own dreamland visions and turn them into stunning crib sheets. Each crib sheet can also play the part as the perfect backdrop to your photo. Next time your little one is snoozing, you can sneak in and grab the photo you dreamed of. You could even take your baby’s monthly photos on these adorable crib sheets.

The Moon's Birthday Rookie Humans Crib Sheet

Woodland Dreams Rookie Humans Crib Sheet

Ready to add Rookie Humans to your baby registry? How about picking it up as a gift for the mom-to-be in your life?

PERK ALERT! Our friends at Rookie Humans are offering Project Nursery Readers 20% off their purchase. Use the code PNLOVE 20% (offer expires 7/30/18).

Also, as part of our Baby Shower Giveaway, we’re giving one lucky winner a $100 shop credit from Rookie Humans as part of the $3000 total prize package. Head over to our 2018 Baby Shower Gift Guide to get the full list and enter for a chance to win!

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