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Because Sick Kids Happen

Let’s face it, there is nothing scarier than the first time your baby gets sick. I think every mama can relate to that fear of baby’s first cold! We may do everything in our power to avoid our little ones getting sick, but sometimes it’s just inevitable. So when it happens, we need to be ready. Crane’s humidifiers are a must-have for every baby. Believe me when I say your baby registry is NOT complete without this item. Now Crane’s humidifiers are not the bulky eyesores you may remember from your childhood—they are sleek, well-designed and perform great! All the things Project Nursery looks for in baby products.

Crane Cool Mist Drop Humidifier

Crane’s colorful cool mist humidifiers are a nursery necessity. They are designed to help relieve tiny congested noses so that newborn nasal breathers can breastfeed and sleep easier at night. What mama doesn’t love that! They are able to run up to 24 hours before needing a refill, and they have no filter to replace or clean. Their line consists of both the Drop Humidifier and the Adorable Humidifiers.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers

Seriously, how cute are the Adorable Humidifiers? Our family’s personal favorite is the unicorn.

Crane Cool Mist Adorable Unicorn Humidifier

So whether you prefer the adorable line or are looking for a sleeker design like the drop for your nursery, Crane can fit your nursery’s style. Their company motto is a well-fitting “Design for Better Living,” which we agree with whole-heartedly. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget a key point, their humidifiers run super quietly because just like a stuffy nose shouldn’t interrupt baby’s sleep, neither should their humidifier.

Crane Owl Humidifier

So when your little one (or even mom or dad) gets the sniffles, don’t find yourself without a Crane Humidifier on hand. You will definitely need it.

We included Crane in our 2018 Baby Shower Gift Guide + Giveaway, so head on over there to enter to win either a Drop Humidifier or an Adorable Humidifier from Crane along with the entire prize package (over $3000 worth of prizes!).

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