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Mom and Baby Animal Nursery


I painted the Murals around this Nursery to bring out the colors in the Bedding, as well as the theme, without being completely literal. By painting the pairs more realistically, the Mural will transition into a childs room.

Design Inspiration

The bedding inspired the colors and subject

Decorating Style

warm, environmentally safe, realistic, artistic

Project Details

I use no VOC Paints.  Don't be afraid to explore all of your color options, but choose your bedding and window treatments first.  It is much easiwer to match wall colors to linens then linens to wall colors!

Favorite Items



Use your imagination!

Kim Boyer

Tuesday 29th of January 2013

The mural is beautiful. My Mom is going to do something similar with my nursery :) Can I ask where you got the bedding? It's adorable!

Patricia McWhorter

Friday 18th of February 2011

Thank-you Dandelion, you are very kind. I wouldn't want that forever either, I just want the child to enjoy it more then 2  or 3 years.    It is only paint, so, I guess for me it is easy to just paint over it!  lol


Thursday 17th of February 2011

THIS IS JUST WONDERFUL! Your murals really made the room look spectacular.  I would be uncomfortable with something so permanent on my walls, but really it's worth keeping forever!