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Dr. Seuss Nursery


Dr. Seuss inspired nursery... many of the projects were found on Pinterest

Decorating Style

Simple and Fun

Project Details

The Addi sign was bought on Esty.

I tye dyed the the sheet with spray tye dye

For the bookshelf I used crates from JoAnn Fabric, spray painted them and put them together with wood glue and hinges. For the lamp I drilled two holes through the base and through the top crate and held them together with two nuts and bold then glued on pieces of Green Eggs and Ham to the lamp.

The Pom Poms (truffula tufts) were bought at Hobby Lobby as well as the baskets in the closet

I found sheer curtains at WalMart for the closet

The wall of pictures are frames with pages of Dr. Seuss books in them.

I bought fabric and used iron hemming to close it around two old bean bag chairs.

For the fan and lamp I taped off the part I wanted white and spray painted the other red.