Ballerina Princess Nursery Room

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I think every single mom gets crazy about her first child. Guess what would be the prettiest room in the whole house... Of course "The Nursery". And I was there, to make all my sister's wishes come true. Painting, sewing, installing, etc. I loved it... Don't you?

Design Inspiration

My sister fell in love with my nephew's prince nursery I decorated months ago. We decided to make something pretty similar but for a girl and for an smaller room.

Decorating Style

Classic, elegant, vintage and very sweet with tons of DIYs.

Project Details

Tulle Canopy was made by me.

I made the Gathered Cornice. You will find all the instructions from the sources.

Curtains are simple silk fabric with blackout behind.

Instructions how tho make the tutu here.

Basket Linens and Changing Pad Cover are also made by me.

I made the headband holder and storage with a simple and cheap glass vase. I wrapped it with crochet.

Headbands are also made by me. I wrote how to made one of them on the Newborn Tutu Outfit post.

The flowers vase is a juice bottle with a crochet cover made by me.

I made the name wall art design, then printed as a photo.

I printed the feet and hands from the baby putting some non toxic acrylic paint all over and then pressing to aquarelle paper.

I made custom bedding for the crib. Gathered skirt, gathered bumper with big bows, pillowcases and letter quilted fitted sheet.

Favorite Items

All of them are my favorites :)


Put some of your soul with DIY (Do It Yourself) stuff, if you don't know how to do it, you can search on internet whatever you want. Talking about nurseries first check this Website.

For more details about this project and the DIYs instructions, check out


  1. 1

    Beautiful and fit for a little princess! You did a wonderful job on the bedding and window treatments.
    Are the three girls triplets?

  2. 2
  3. 4

    Oh my god the bedding is amazing, are the crowns done with sewing?

    I have to check stores in order to find the fabrics.

    Beautiful and unique!

  4. 5

    Thank You Dahyana, Yes! it’s sewing. I did something like quilting with letters and crowns layering fabric, batting and backing fabric. Also, I made the pillow crown ironing fusible fabric in the back of my fabric, then cutting the crown and sewing on place with zig-zag stitch.

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  6. 7
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  9. 10

    Mayra, estas contratada., realmente nunca me doy el tiempo para ver este tipo de cosas, y verdaderamente estoy asombrado con la creatividad que tienes, realmente te felicito y sigue adelante., te mando un abrazo..

  10. 11
  11. 13
  12. 14

    Waoo que bueno que hablas español!!
    Necesito una ayuda con las telas, tipo y diseño.
    Voy a intentar hacer algo parecido para mi bebé, porque lo que está en tiendas es muy colorido,
    o tiene diseños, y prefiero la verdad lo mas sencillo posible.
    Estaba viendo para bumber, skirt y mantas Pique, pero no se que me recomiendas!
    La alfombra es muy hermosa también, la hiciste tú?
    No estoy en USA, pero amaría estar allá para que me echaras una mano…

  13. 15

    Hola Annie, la alfombra es de HomeGoods de Tjmaxx.
    Hola Dahyana de dónde eres? Yo estoy ahora en Culiacán, México. El piqué me parece bien para el bumper y la falda de la cuna, pero me parece un poco áspero para mantas que tengan directamente contacto con la piel del bebé. Te recomiendo tejidos más suaves para cubrir el colchón de preferencia de algodón.

  14. 16
  15. 17


    I am expecting this coming November and I am obsessed with this nursery. I have been since I saw it months ago. Would you be able to tell me where I can find the crown for the wall?

    Thank you in advance!!

  16. 18
  17. 19
  18. 20

    Hi! This is so beautiful! What color are the walls? I’m going paint shooing today for my babies nursery :)

  19. 21
  20. 22
  21. 23
  22. 24
  23. 25

    Hello Pb
    The rug is from TJMaxx Homegoods, size is 9′ X 12′. It was a “lucky find” but it’s a classical rug. You should check if you can find it.
    Good Luck!

  24. 26

    I am totally obsessed with this room! Do you remember what color pink that is on the walls?

  25. 27

    Hi I’m obsessed with the light up canopy can you please tell me how did you do it & what is the safest lights I can purchase

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  32. 34

    Hi! I am not due until October but I am dying to get a head start , but hat kind of lights did you use when making the canopy ? And how did you connect everything together on the crown ?
    Thank you !

  33. 35

    Beautiful nursery!!!

    Do you mind sharing where the crib is from? I can’t find one like it anywhere either!

    Thank you!

  34. 36
  35. 37
  36. 38
  37. 39
  38. 40

    Beautiful!!!!!! Where can I get that crown & sew me up a canopy netting plz… j/k lol. God Bless you with talented women! Love it & thanks even not for sharing xoxo

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  44. 48

    Hi Mayra, my name is Mey. We are really crazy about your princess room style especially the beautiful canopy, bedding cover and the crown!!! But unfortunately We live in Australia just wondering if I would like to place an order your bedding cover, crown and the canopy would you be able to send them to us to Melbourne Australia? I’m now pregnant with my second babies, girl and will be due in the next few months ( May ) and we are so desperate to get our daughter’s room ready to go. We really wish to get the answer back from you as we used to send your company an email in the past few months but no one has replied back to me. Please reply me here or email me back through my email: [email protected]


  45. 49

    hi. i want to create a nursery for my daughter and i love this!! i have two questions. 1. what color paint is the wall? 2. where is the rug/carpet from? id appreciate if you can share this info. thank you.

  46. 50
  47. 51

    Hi I was wondering what’s the height and weight on this one it’s beautiful. Can you please call me or email me (956)827-1905. Thank you I would kindly appreciate it.

  48. 53

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