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B.A.M.’s Nursery


After finding out we were having a girl, I thought it would be a nice idea to surprise my wife with a room makeover. While she was at work on a Sunday, a friend of mine and I tackled this fun project. Within 6 hours, the room was complete.

Design Inspiration

We talked about keeping the room blue after finding out we were having a girl, but I may have been a tad excited to throw in a little pink. I didnt want the room to be overwhelming with pink, so I searched pintrest quickly and the pink stripe caught my eye. We still plan on adding a few touches to the room, but still think the room came out awesome.

Project Details

I went to our local Shermin Williams store and picked up a couple samples and painted them onto the wall next to each other before deciding on which combination of pink and gray we wanted. I over estimated the amount of paint we needed too! I used less than a gallon of the gray (March WInd), less than a quart of the pink ( In the Pink) and a quart of white. When laying out the tape, we used finishing nails and string. Pull from the ceiling down with the tape measure and mark the top of the tape for the top stripe and the bottom of the tape for the bottom stripe. Use the smallest nails to hold a string tight to give you a straight guideline. If you have a laser, this would be even easier. The basic blue tape we used bled a little so be sure to get a tight seal between the wall and paint. After painting, while the paint is still wet, remove the tape so that it does not peel after its dry.

Favorite Items

I really like the wooden letters that are shown on top of the crib. They have since been painted and hung on the wall, but its a nice little, inexpensive touch.


Take your time and have fun with it. Mix and match colors and ideas.