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Bold & Bright Playroom


this was the first playroom design for evaru and it turned out even better than i expected. i was able to use one of my favorite color combinations, chocolate brown and tomato red; among yummy lime greens and a hint of bubblegum pink for carter. i love how this room is totally for the tots, but is sophisticated enough that mom and dad love hanging out in it too.

Design Inspiration

believe it or not, the lamps were my jumping off point. i built the entire scheme around those lime green lamps. i'd love to say the graphic animal pattern fabric was the start, but that was actually the last thing i added to my design. it just worked out perfectly!

Decorating Style

since i'm usually designing for clients, i'm able to adapt to their style, but my style is typically more contemporary with a twist of traditional elements. i love throwing a touch of unexpected into the rooms i design.

Project Details

white toy boxes with circle fronts, all other furniture, lamps were from homegoods rugs and curtain rod from jc penny; poms and alphabet decal from fabrics from paint is sherwin williams 'celery' sw6421 all curtain panels and bench cushion were custom i used picture ledges from ikea to house books

Favorite Items

the custom cushion for the bench is one of my favorite things. i love combining fabrics, and the three i chose for the cushion look so great together. i'm also a huge fan of the pom 'chandelier'. it was the first time i had used poms, now i'm hooked!


playrooms are fun spaces with no rules. don't be afraid to combine bold colors and patterns; you are trying to inspire creativity! storage is key for clutter control, but to make things more interesting, it's better to combine different types of storage.

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  2. avatar allisondenae says:

    I love this! Question: What size is the circular rug from JC Penney? I’d love to know….:)

  3. avatar allisondenae says:

    I love this! Question: What size is the circular rug from JC Penney? I’d love to know….:)

  4. avatar allisondenae says:

    I love this! Question: What size is the circular rug from JC Penney? I’d love to know….:)

  5. avatar Kristi Winona says:

    Love this idea!  I am very thrilled to find a playroom so bright and fun, yet you did not have to paint every inch of the walls in orer to achieve a great look.   Thank you!

  6. avatar ashley says:

    to karinmac: the green boxes did come from ikea. they are the kassett magazine boxes.
    so glad you like the room, i think it’s such a fun space! good luck with your project!

  7. avatar Karinmac says:

    Hi Ashley, I’m using your room as inspiration for my playroom! Thank you listing where you bought items. I was wondering if the green boxes were from Ikea too. I looked and couldn’t find them! Thanks again!

  8. avatar ashley says:

    to creativecrumbs:
    i think that would look very dramatic and awesome! will there be kids in this room? that would be the only thing i would worry about. if the poms are near the floor in a room where kids will be, they might get crushed.

  9. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Hi Ashley:

    Thanks for that tip.  I personally hate it when I have to be on a ladder for a longer time than necessary and we have such high ceilings!

    I’ve just looked at etsy, and found some adorable poms… I think am going with the 7 Pom Design, have it from ceiling to floor near one corner, or do you think that would be too much?

  10. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    There’s a mishmash of bright colors, but overall, the room doesn’t look cluttered and doesn’t look like everything’s being thrown in. Very well-executed. Not everyone could do this. Not everyone could put in more than two brightly colored elements and still come up with something well-coordinated. You’ve really got talent. I’m sure your little boys would want to play all day long in their bright and bold playroom.

  11. avatar Ysczabel says:

    I also think you did a great job working with all those bright and varied colors. I agree with Crumbs that it could have easily spiraled out of your control. I love the bench as well, I think that way you added the storage beneath is a good touch.

  12. avatar ashley says:

    i simply ordered the poms from etsy. if you buy from ‘prost to the host’ she includes the monofilament you use to hang the poms. i bought 3m adhesive hooks from lowes and placed 3 on the ceiling in a triangular pattern. i wanted the poms to hang closely so they would look more like one element, so keep your hooks close together. to hang a pom below another, you have to ‘fish’ the monofilament of the lower pom through the upper pom and then to the hook. it was super easy.

    i highly suggest you fish the monofilament through the poms before you try hanging them. i didn’t, and it can be tiring trying to hang them all while standing under those 3 hooks!
    good luck, hope this helps!

  13. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    When you work with colors as varied and as bright as this, it could easily turn into a headache, both literally and figuratively, but I think you have kept it in harmony. 

    How did you make the pom chandeliers?