Sophia’s Kingdom

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Sophia's Kingdom/Beatles Nursery We still have to put up the rest of the shelves above the changing table I will post update pics when this is done.

Design Inspiration

When My Husband and I found out we were pregnant we decided we wanted to have a special nursery away from the norm. Our baby was already so special why not the nursery too! We had the idea of doing a Beatles theme for a little boy and over time became more and more attracted to the idea...MUCH to our surprise we found out that we would be having a little girl! 

By then a Beatles themed nursery was already so deep in our minds there was no turning back so we figured "what the heck" we will do it anyway just more feminine. This room reminds us of the yard infront of the Kingdom of England where the fountain is. Only the fountain is the fountain of youth=)

that idea was inspiration for the birds on the trim.

And of course The Beatles are a big part of England and our lives. That is apparent in Sophia's room =) 

Decorating Style

Exciting and unexpected! 

Project Details

Everything in this room was a bargain. 

We shopped online and in stores at major retailers known for great deals.

All of the furniture in the room is storkcraft brand and was purchased on  for around $680 with free shipping because we did site to store.

The crib set is Trendlab's Versailles purchased on for $130. We sewed purple trim on the bottom of the skirt to bring it more into the room.

Also bought on was the Tadpole 3 bulb chandelier lavender/topaz for $60

And all decals in the room totaling to about $50  

The curtains are purple eclipse purchased on for $19 a panel. The Damask ribbon trim was bought separately at Michaels art and crafts store for around $3 a roll and also sewn on by hand. 

The Black metal letters were bought at Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.50 each, they originally  hung on black ribbon, but we found that they hung lopsided. so we nixed the ribbons and pinned the letters with black tacks. to hide the tacks I bought small ribbon flowers at Michaels and painted them purple with acrylic paint and Hot glued them to the tacks. They really put a nice touch to each letter it is Darling! 

Favorite Items

The entire wall where the crib sets is my favorite thing to look at in our home! I feel accomplished and positive that she will look back one day when she is older and love the way her room looked!


Its ok to be frugal!


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    What an original theme! I think the classic black and white balance the purple well so it’s not too girlie.

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    Very unique! No other parents-to-be would think of a Beatles theme, and be able to pull it off as amazingly as you and your husband did. I love the rich, dark-colored wood furniture. And good job ‘feminizing’ what would have been a boyish theme by going for those touches of lavender/purple.

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    As they say, purple is a royal color. And nothing is more appropriate for the princess of the house. But really, going for purple or violet is a brave and bold choice. Not everyone can decide to go for this color in a nursery and get away with it. Congratulations for a good job!

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    We are like kindered spirits : ) lol. My husband and I thought we were going to have a little boy the first time around and we were going to name him Jude after the beatles song. We ended up having a girl so we named her Julia, which I am sure you know is also a Beatles song. When our daughter was born the only song that would always make her stop crying was Hey Jude. We are having a boy this time so we are getting to use the name Jude!!! I never thought about doing a Beatles themed nursery. What a great idea!!! What were your ideas for a boy nursery.

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    Hi thorn3!

    We are so excited to see your beautiful nursery with our crib bedding!  We love how you accessorized with the Beatles theme and added in the great purple to accent the Black & White.  Very creative and beautiful!  If you are on Facebook, we would love it if you could post images of your nursery on our company page:!/pages/Trend-Lab/145393798640

    Thanks for sharing your nursery!

    Trend Lab

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