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Adelaide’s Luau Party


We decided to have her party at the beach and chose a location along the channel so we could watch the boats come in.   I wanted bright colors to contrast the sand and blue water.

Design Inspiration

The birthday theme all started after I found a grass skirt for Adelaide several months ago.   It expanded from there...

Project Details

Poufs from Pom Love on, favors were bought at various local stores and put together by me.  Food was mostly made by me.  Cupcakes and cake made by a local lady I know.

Favorite Items

The poufs strung across the trees.

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  1. avatar AL says:

    Just wondering what kind of cord or string you used to hang the poufs? They look so pretty… like they’re floating!

  2. avatar Dandelion says:

    Love the colors! Indeed, they make a wonderful contrast with the color of the sand. And I really like the idea of choosing a location where you could watch the boats come in.

  3. avatar Renea Suttle says:

    What a cute cake! I loved paper dots as a child … I’m 51. The decorations show brighter because the backdrop is so natural. Great look!