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Big City Nursery


  • When I first met Grace Kang Gavric to go over the details of what she might want painted in Adrian's nursery, the final bedding choice had not been made.  Grace was down to two options and her husband, Nenad, helped weigh in with the final choice which was the Skyline bedding from Dwell.  They wanted something boyish, fun and modern.   I have to admit I was totally inspired by the choice they made.  I tried to create a really fun, interactive room that Adrian can grow and learn in for years.  I have to thank my friend and Atlanta designer, Sommer Saracevic' for referring me to Grace and Nenad Gavric.  Adrian's room was a joy to paint.

Design Inspiration

The bedding from Dwell that Atlanta dentist Grace Gavric picked out for the crib.  It was the launch pad for the direction of the room which is always a great place to start your design process.  I used color combinations that I thought would really engage Adrian as he grows and begins to take in his surroundings as the months and years go by.  The contrasting colors and especially the windows can provide a very stimulating visual for developing minds.

Decorating Style

  • Fun, whimsical.  Love to paint something that children can grow with whether is's just a few touches around the room or a more complete mural.

Project Details

I wanted to make it kind of modern and fun and totally interactive for Adrian as he grows into toddler stage.  Dwell was the choice for several items in the room including the window treatments.  I painted each building and then used tape grids to complete the windows.  Tedius work to be sure with all the measuring and taping but so worth it in the end.  The glider was from Babies-R-Us and the furniture was from All Modern, website.

Favorite Items

  • I love the Hotel Adrian building.  The clock is set to 8:00 which represents his birth time.  Under the clock states when the building was established which is Adrian's birthday.  The little water tower on top of another building has an A on it representing his birth city, Atlanta.  I surprised the family with these little details and they loved it all.   Grace said the buildings look cool at night because the little white windows look "on".


Patience and lots of measuring, taping and leveling...lost my mind a few times but all is well now. :-)  I truly believe there are so many  learning opportunities in a mural like this such as shapes, colors, counting games. ... The crib is in front of the mural now but later the parents plan on putting the crib directly across from the mural as he begins to sit  and stand up to really take it all in and be stimulated by everything going on in the room.   If you feel you would like a mural like this but aren't up for the challenge let me know.  I travel...

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  1. avatar Anita Roll says:

    Victoria Hart,

    Thank you very much Victoria!

  2. avatar Anita Roll says:

    Avery Hardman,

    Good Luck with your nursery Avery!

  3. avatar Anita Roll says:

    Angela Hogan,

    Thank you Angela!! I appreciate your support. You are an amazing designer!! Will see you in Atlanta soon!

  4. avatar Anita Roll says:

    Actor Cordell,

    Hi Actor!! So glad you stopped by and voted!! Thank you very much. I hope you are doing well!

  5. avatar Anita Roll says:

    Mary Ann ODaniel,

    Yes Mary Ann, I never watch the clock when I’m working but raid the pantry instead…nibble nbble…think think…paint …nibble….

  6. avatar Anita Roll says:


    Thank all nine of you for your support! I appreciate it very much.

  7. avatar Anita Roll says:

    Thank you all so much for the kind words!! This was such a fun room to paint! I really appreciate your support for my mural!

  8. avatar Mary Ann ODaniel says:

    Anita, I voted for you today. Your work is truly amazing and I know how much your love for art goes into those long days of working. I can see you working into all hours of the day and never looking at a clock, ha-ha. Love you!

  9. avatar Actor Cordell says:

    Being a big city lover, this is the type of nursary I would have liked for myself, (but won’t mentiom the number of years ago. ),

  10. avatar TheNanas says:

    Anita, we voted and all 9 of us are cheering for you!

    The Nanas
    Happiness-Happens from DID

  11. avatar Angela Hogan says:

    AMAZING work as always! You are the best!

  12. avatar Victoria Hart says:

    This is unique and fun; every inch of the decor flows naturally, nothing hits you hard or feels like it doesn’t quite work. Every where I look I see a “WOW”…looks like it was a lot of work; well worth it!

  13. Very adorable…what a unique idea! Fun use of color and design. You’ve got my vote!

  14. avatar Avery Hardman says:

    This is just amazing! We had actually ordered this exact toddler bedding for our 19 month old sons’ “big boy room” and I was at a loss for what to do on the walls. I’m not capable of something this wonderful, but it gives me inspiration!!!

  15. avatar Donna Traylor says:

    Love your work Anita. How do I vote? Donna in Alabama

  16. Melisa,


    The site revamp looks great! I’m excited to see the Design Studio this fall. Let me know if you ever need another artist!

  17. avatar Online Igri says:

    I’d should verify with you here. Which isn’t something I often do! I take pleasure in studying a post that can make individuals think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark!

  18. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    The glider was from Babies-R-Us and the furniture was from All Modern, website.  Bedding and window treatments from Dwell.

  19. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    2bella4u I have inquired as to where they got the glider.  I will relay when I get the info.

  20. avatar 2bella4u says:

    so cute and creative! where is your glider chair from? i love it!

  21. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Thank you Melisa!  It was a fun creating this mural for little Adrian although I had to up my game considerably in regards to precision…oohhh the windows…Thank you ladies for the nice comments.  I appreciate it!

  22. avatar KristinHF says:

    This is awesome!! Great job!

  23. avatar avalon says:

    Nice looking nursery! The Dwell bedding looks really beautiful and you did a wonderful job replicating the print or the design to the mural.  It looks like one cohesive design element.

  24. avatar Melisa says:

    I’ve been following you Anita! LOVE, LOVE this nursery! Great job.