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It’s a shore thing….


A work in progress.........

Design Inspiration

My husband and I love the Jersey Shore, so we wanted to incorporate some things we love about the beach.

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  1. avatar Brianaping says:


    Thanks so much! We bought the chair lamp while vacationing down in Wildwood NJ at the Cape May Wicker Store…..such a great store for beachy decor!

  2. avatar 12andcounting says:

    Love the beige and the browns and the ecrus. Makes me want to go to the beach. And hey, cute little cats you have there, too.

  3. avatar hawahawa says:

    Very very lovely room. It is indeed the color of the shore. That lamp with the little wooden chair is so adorable. Where did you get it? And those fur-lined baby booties are just very cute.