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Adding Animal Decor to the Nursery in a Sophisticated Way

Animal faces have been a huge trend in nurseries and big kid rooms, and it’s easy to see why! The cuddly creatures inspire adventure and kick off a love for our furry friends super early in life. Choosing what animal decor to theme the nursery around can be a big decision (there are so many great options). Then selecting your animals and picking their places is a whole other wild process! Here are some of our go-to layouts and inspiration on how to hang your collection of animal art prints and head mounts.

Go solo! One enlarged animal print can be all you need to bring a bit of the wild into a nursery design. I love the use of the vintage brass frame with the giraffe, while a classic simple white frame will also always do the trick.

Single Large Animal Photo in a NurseryA Bright and Modern Boho Nursery  |  Modern Bear Woodland Nursery

Give an animal a buddy or a backside! A pair of animal prints easily frames a changing table space or crib. Plus, the measurements for hanging just two prints is fairly stress-free!

Pair of Animal Photos in a NurseryLight and Contemporary Neutral Nursery  |  Little Bunny Foo Foo

Line them up! A row of animal prints begins to really make a statement in a nursery design. I gravitate towards artwork in odd numbers, especially threes, although stretching it out to incorporate all your fuzzy friends is clearly gorgeous, too!

Animal Face Photos in the NurseryAisle Perfect’s Colorful Blue Nursery  |  Modern Animals and Shapes

Grid it out! Choosing six of your favorite animal prints is a very popular way to go. A well-spaced cluster fills a wall (often for less money than one extra large piece of art) while seeming visually cohesive and simplistic.

Animal Face Photos in the NurserySimple Modern Nursery  |  In the Nursery with Sparrows and Lily

One of our favorite lines of animal art prints is by The Animal Print Shop. Photographer Sharon Montrose’s baby animal photographs are purely stunning and sweet, and one might argue that she is the originator of the whole animal face photography nursery trend. The Little Darlings line can be found here.

Looking to make a wilder statement in your nursery? 3D animal heads are the ultimate way to go! These whimsical wool creatures (our favorites are here) are adorable hung in a line, gallery cluster or even alone.

Animal Head Wall Mounts in the NurseryBig Boy Room for a Wild Man  |  Brook’s Navy & Gray Animal Nursery

Animal heads made of smoother materials, like these resin ones, often come in fun colors, pastels, metallics and white. These white varieties are stunning up against dark navy blue walls.

Animal Head Wall Mounts in the NurseryEclectic Navy  |  Izac’s Modern Geometric Woodland Nursery

Three’s company! My favorite quantity for wall art applies to animal head mounts as well—precious in wool and modern and sleek in silver.

Animal Head Wall Mounts in the NurseryNeutral Hamptons Safari Nursery  |  Rustic Man Baby Cave

I had to include these two fun ideas, as well. Not only because they show how animal heads can 100% go girly, but also because of their unique settings. Framing a solo mount in wall decals helps to give the piece more oomph, and combining different styles of mounts creates a whimsical and unique gallery wall.

Animal Head Wall Mounts in the NurserySerene and Whimsical Nursery  |  Whimsical Boho Toddler Retreat






Brett Blumenthal

Monday 3rd of February 2020

Hi! Thank you so much for featuring our art by Brett Blumenthal from Tiny Toes Design (Placed next to Sharon Montrose’s photo). Please give credit so people can find Brett’s beautiful artwork!

Brett Blumenthal

Monday 3rd of February 2020

Hi! Thank you so much for featuring our art by Brett Blumenthal from Tiny Toes Design (Placed next to Sharon Montrose's photo). Please give credit so people can find Brett's beautiful artwork!