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7 Design Elements to Go Boho in the Nursery

Oh, boho, how we love you so! This design trend is all about taking it easy, and when it comes to anything revolving around parenthood, we are all about easy. Creating a laid back and earthy look in the nursery isn’t too difficult to achieve either. In fact, just by adding at least three of the following boho design elements into your nursery space, you will be able to achieve that boho look you love. p.s. We adore this look for big kid rooms too!

In the Nursery with Cultivate MotherhoodIn the Nursery with Cultivate Motherhood

Greenery and Botanicals. The absolute quickest way to achieve boho is by adding potted plants to your space. By bringing in actual earthy elements you create an environment that feels fresh and breathable. Easy-to-care-for plants can be found in your local hardware, home improvement or plant nursery shops. Of course, faux versions require zero effort and can be scooped up at retailers such as Target, Ikea and Home Goods.

Laguna Beach in the NurseryLaguna Beach in the Nursery

Woven Wall Hangings. The seventies are back and we’re throwing up peace signs in celebration. Take up an entire wall or add in small to medium-sized wall hangings made from yarn, fabric or macrame. Keep the colors neutral and the shapes and materials natural. Some of our favorite styles can be found here, or try your hand at a DIY project like this dip-dyed version, this one with modern copper accents, this super simple fabric version, or a classic hoop style. Of course, wooden signs and canvas banners also instantly bring a boho look to your walls.

There’s Color and Texture and Whimsy to Spare in this Boho Chic Girl’s RoomThere’s Color and Texture and Whimsy to Spare in this Boho Chic Girl’s Room

Rattan, Bamboo and Unfinished Woods. Get your fill of fair-hued natural woods because these elements keep any nursery space light and airy. These days you can find rockers, cribs, dressers and ottomans in these natural styles. And when in doubt, add in a light-colored wooden, bamboo or rattan basket or tray to finish off your boho look!

In the Nursery with Indi and BearIn the Nursery with Indi and Bear

Moroccan-Style Rugs. Peace and love vibes are grounded at the root of a space that features a boho Moroccan-style rug. Toss a smaller accent rug onto a larger jute rug, or fill your floor with a large scale rug featuring Moroccan designs or colors.

In the Nursery with Mary LaurenIn the Nursery with Mary Lauren

Teepees. It goes without saying that a teepee in a kid’s room or nursery is just fun! Fill its floor with textured pillows and accent rugs, and decorate the exterior with a string of natural garland (this one is my favorite) for a boho nook that is ideal for book reading and imagining.

In the Playroom with The White Buffalo Styling Co.In the Playroom with The White Buffalo Styling Co.

Tassels. On a basket, on a string, on a wall hanging, on a pair of curtains, on a teepee or on a mobile. There are so many places to tie a tassel on! This earthy element can easily be DIYed with this essential and easy tool or find accents already adorned with tassels from makers on Etsy and at farmers markets and craft fairs.

In the Nursery with Palms to PinesIn the Nursery with Palms to Pines

In the Nursery with Forrest and JIn the Nursery with Forrest and J

Natural Poufs or Ottomans. A pouf creates a laid back vibe perfect for lounging and relaxing. The boho look can be achieved with a more traditional Moroccan leather pouf, or try out different shapes and textures made from bamboo, rattan or yarn. The options are endless!

In the Toddler Room with Indi and BearIn the Toddler Room with Indi and Bear

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