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Modern Animals and Shapes


My husband and I love all things foxes and raccoons, so we originally thought to do a woodland themed nursery. With a little more thought, I decided that I wanted to create something a little more unique for our son, Finnick, and do a modern take on animals and shapes.

We began with the idea of a black statement wall with a 3D element. Being that our son's room doesn't get the most light, we still wanted to make sure the room didn't become too dark, so adding whites and grays in, natural woods, and pops of yellows helped to achieve that.

We wanted something that our son could grow with and not feel too "baby" as he grows up. The design is something that could be tweaked just a little and still be turned into something different, but still cool and fun.

When planning your own nursery, I'd suggest not being afraid to do something bold. Whether that be mixing themes, or using dark colors and still finding ways to make them feel light. It's all about the furniture and details that accompany the choice that will make it more "baby friendly."

The book shelves were a DIY project of ours. We used the cube shelving you can find at places like Target, turned them on their sides, cut wood and painted it black as backing to the "shelves," found and screwed on the legs, and then used the cube bins for toys and stuffed animals. We also made the floating shelves and accent wall.


Monday 15th of October 2018

Love the room! May I ask where you purchased the three animal prints on the wall?


Wednesday 5th of September 2018

What did you use for the accent wall? What size boards and how did you attach them to the wall?

I love it!!