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Big Boy Room for a Wild Man


When I was pregnant with my daughter, we transitioned our almost two-year-old to a big boy bed. Since we were changing his bed, I also decided to change his room up a little bit to give him more spaces to play, read, and incorporate some of his interests in the decor.

When designing his nursery, I used a neutral color scheme of beige and white with accents of green and invested in pieces of furniture that would be multipurpose to use in his room as he grew. Then, when I changed up his room, it just meant changing around the furniture layout to create more space in the middle for play, finding storage options for toys, creating a little spot where he could "read," and layering in fun accents.

Going to the zoo is one of our favorite activities, and my son was a big fan of the animal heads when he saw them in my shop. We decided to go with his love for animals and the zoo and add in animal accents with the art and accessories. I found baskets to store toys and books and a soft rug for playing. He was so proud to sleep in a big boy bed, and the fact that we kept parts of his room looking the same helped make the transition easier (for both of us)!

Images by Domus Aurea Portraits