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In the Nursery with Sparrows and Lily

Today we are touring the neutral nursery of Lindsey Maestas, of Sparrows + Lily her lifestyle blog. This space is for her second son Saxon, and it is calm and serene and everything you want when you welcome your second little boy into your home. You can catch more of Lindsey and her family over on her site, where she shares her love of event planning, home design, baking and, of course, her life as a stay-at-home mom to her two boys.

Animal Prints above Crib in Neutral Boho NurseryCrib | Framed Animal Prints | Jute Rug

Where did you pull inspiration?
I honestly feel like it came from a little bit of everywhere! I designed a very colorful nursery for my first son, Sutton, and I knew that I wanted to go with something a bit more calm and muted for Saxon. It turned out to be the right choice because he is a much more relaxed baby than my first—haha!

Love to Dream SwaddleSwaddle

My sister owns a plant shop, so I have grown very fond of plants—especially Fiddle Leaf Figs, like the one next to Saxon’s crib. The rug was originally styled in my living room, but it fit so perfectly into this space that I couldn’t resist moving it. And that crib is just a dream, so I had to have it!

Triangle Wallpaper with Birch Shelf in NurseryBirch Branch Shelf

My friend Adriana Long is a fantastic interior designer and helped so much with the process. She walked me through my ideas while incorporating many of her own furniture selections. She made it come to life by making it cohesive and by creating auto CAD drawings for us to help visualize it as a whole.

Neutral Boho NurseryMacrame Hammock Baby Swing | Beloved Canvas Banner

What part of the design process did you enjoy most?
The wallpaper! Wall Garnish Co. was amazing in allowing me to design the removable wallpaper and play with a variety of ideas. I’m so happy with what we chose; it adds texture and color to the otherwise neutral nursery. I also loved trying a variety of different rugs for the floor and plants around the room.

Zebra Head in NurseryZebra Head

What is your favorite part or detail in your nursery?
I really love the macrame baby swing and the modern crib. I feel like they are unique and timeless and can be passed down in our family, which is always important to me when making purchases. You could say that I’m an extremely sentimental person.

Neutral Boho NurseryPolka Dot Crib Sheet

Neutral Boho NurseryTriangle Wallpaper

What is one thing you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery or design project?
I would say that you shouldn’t ever be afraid to buy things and take them back! I learned this tip from my own mama. It helps to have an actual visual instead of guessing and making a commitment right off the bat. I bought like twenty different things to hang above his dresser and I tried all of them to see which fit the best. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ll love until you can compare with other options. So definitely don’t settle!

Neutral Boho NurseryLarge Stuffed Giraffe | Gray Paint | Dresser

Neutral Boho NurseryHedgehog Stuffed AnimalLamb Stuffed Animal

Photography by Lindsey MaestasSaveSave