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Unique Placement of Wall Decals for an Inspiring Space

The thing we love most about wall decals is how versatile they are. You can decide how and where to apply them in the nursery. Sure, our decals have example images that you can certainly use as inspiration when planning your space, but we are also so impressed by the unique placement of wall decals that we have seen some of you use so creatively in your nurseries and kids rooms. As you can see below, the placement of the decals can greatly change the effect they have in your room design.

15 Inspiring Uses of Wall Decals

This little crib nook becomes incredibly striking with the vertical placement of these floral decals along the bordering walls of the space.

Crib Nook with Flower Decals
Eden Floral Decals in Nursery by @tribe_of_taylors

The owner of this nursery used a combination of two different wall decal sets to come up with a truly unique pattern.

Triangle Wall Decals in Interesting Pattern in Nursery
Watercolor Triangles and Gold Triangles in Nursery by @foundhomedesign + @aprilrhorn
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    How perfect is this neutral, ombre rainbow created with terrazzo-like wall decals? This unique placement of wall decals would look especially great in a boho nursery design.

    Neutral Ombre Rainbow Created with Terrazzo Wall Decals
    Terrazzo Decals in Nursery by @makaylabrielle 
    similar decals

    Overlapping these village house decals creates the look of a real little neighborhood poking out behind the toy storage in this kids space.

    Village House Wall Decals in Playroom
    House Decals in Room by @handyhunt

    Here large flower decals are used to border the wall behind the crib giving it the effect of a hanging flower garland in this sweet girls nursery.

    Bordering Flower Garland Wall Decal in Girls Nursery
    Eden Flower Decals in Nursery by @mrs.bell7.25.15
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      We just love how the daisy decals are placed in this toddler room right on the divide between the two different paint colors of the room. So clever.

      Unique Placement of Wall Decals in Toddler Room
      Daisy Decals in Toddler Room by @briony.kasper.quinn

      A subtle rainbow of hearts appears as if blowing across the room right into the bookshelves on the wall.

      Colorful Playroom with Rainbow Watercolor Heart Wall Decals
      Rainbow Heart Decals in Playroom by @kristenp1

      A burst of overlapping flower decals creates quite a visual impact behind the mirror and dresser in this nursery.

      Floral Wall Decals Behind Mirror in Girls Nursery with Forest Green Furniture
      Eden Flower Decals in Nursery by @covenantcottage
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        These half moon wall decals are small and delicate, but they create a big moment when grouped together in this panel. It’s this modern and unique placement of wall decals that really draws your eye into the space.

        Organic Half Moon Wall Decals in Nursery
        Half Moon Wall Decals in Nursery by @thesemomentswithus

        Playfulness is easy to create with careful placement of wall decals. You can get a lot of mileage out of your decals even if you don’t buy many sets if you plan a special arrangement for them.

        Rainbow Watercolor Polka Dot Decals in Playroom
        Watercolor Rainbow Polka Dot Decals in Room by @toddlertoddlerlittlestar

        We love the dramatic look of these floral wall decals as if they were a bouquet springing up from behind the crib.

        Eden Flower Decals in Nursery by @shyannlee_
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          Starting these bohemian palm wall decals in one corner leading to the other really gives the effect of them blowing gently across the nursery wall. It looks perfectly organic and creates a calm sense of movement to the space.

          Bohemian Palms Decals in Nursery by @yarip77

          The unique placement of these watercolor triangle wall decals once again proves that you can create an impact with just a small amount of carefully placed decals. We love how modern and playful they look in this playroom.

          Watercolor Triangle Decals in Playroom by @Jswitzer2010

          You’ve heard of wallpaper borders, but what about this gorgeous border of large peony wall decals instead?

          Blushing Peonies Decals in Nursery by @lindsey_heath

          Nursery owners just love placing these Eden Flower Decals in new and unique ways. It’s no wonder, their large blooms and variety of flower types makes these decals look special and a little different in each nursery we see them in.

          Eden Floral Decals in Nursery by @kendrafoundit

          Do you plan on using wall decals in the nursery? We’d love to see them. Don’t forget to add your nursery or children’s room design to our project gallery; we might feature your room next!

          15 Unique Wall Decal Placements
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