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Ten Years of Our Own Nurseries

The past ten years (TEN YEARS!) of Project Nursery have resulted in more than a few new babies! With team members all across the country and in varying stages of mom life, we’ve been designing sweet little nurseries and fun big kid rooms for our own kids pretty much constantly. Pulling inspiration from our user-generated Project Gallery, our blog, and most recently our shop, between all of us, we’ve brought many trends and styles to life. Here are just some of the spaces we’ve created for our own Project Nursery babies that we’ve shared here at Project Nursery over the last ten years.

Melisa’s Oldest Son’s Nursery

Melisa’s Second Son’s Nursery

Pam’s Big Girl Room

Melisa’s Big Boy Room

Kristin’s Nursery

Pam’s Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Kristin’s Big Girl Room

Courtney’s Nursery

Melisa’s Daughter’s Nursery

Lauren’s Nursery

Halley’s Nursery

Dana’s Nursery

Kristin’s Big Boy Room

Meghan’s Nursery

Amanda’s Nursery

Beth’s NurserySaveSave