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Modern Baby Blue


Not exactly a modern room but a modern, fresh take on traditional baby blue.

Design Inspiration

I initially selected wallpaper but since it's a nursery and we hope to have more kids in the future, I know I am going to change my mind. So this trellis design made with loads of painters tape was a quick solution.

Decorating Style

Love Hollywood Regency but it's a bit of a difficult look for a little boy's nursery.

Project Details

The paint is Lake Placid Blue from Benjamin Moore. The bedding is "Blake" from Serena & Lily. The chandelier is from urban outfitters.

Favorite Items

I love how the accent wall came out - the stripes are just the right distance apart. Also, the $36 "fake" chandelier was a steal. But mostly I covet the Jonathan Adler Giraffe Lamp!

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  1. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Melisa, can you let me know if you get this comment?

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  3. avatar Helpwpainting says:

    How did you layout the grid pattern on the accent wall. What size did you make each square or grid line?

  4. avatar projectstay-at-homemommy says:

    I absolutely love your nursery design. I loved it so much I copied it. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think. :)

  5. avatar Shara says:

    I just took your idea and did this for my toddlers room (to update from all the baby decor), but it’s a princess pink color and white – it looks amazing!!! Thank you so much for the directions and idea! We’re getting so many compliments on it and it only took us one day! Love it !!

  6. avatar cindy says:

    Hi! Love the room. I recreated the wall in green and white in our son’s nursery and it turned out great! Question…where did you get the little blue suitcases on the floating shelf? I have looked all over for them and can’t find them anywhere :) Thanks!!

  7. avatar Lauren says:

    Hi!  Love this nursery!  Where did you purchase the floating shelves above the crib?  Thank you :)

  8. avatar Melisa says:

    Thanks behapy2day. It’s a custom portrait of my son painted by his grandma!

  9. avatar behapy2day says:

    I love the sketch on the wall of the little baby. Do you remember where you got it?

  10. avatar Melisa says:

    Hey Anna, In my opinion, since you have dark, rich furniture, I would stick to blue and white as your two colors. I love brown and blue – my master bedroom colors as a matter of fact,  but I think just a simple blue and white palette for the nursery will lighten the dark furniture. Let us know what you choose! And all the best this August!! – M

  11. avatar AnnaA says:

    I love this Nursery!!!
    I am having a baby boy in August and im trying to decide on the colors in nursery. Maybe i can get some advices…..
    The furniture im getting is from Bellinis in Cherry Color…

    Our floors are cherry so are the moldings… I definetaly want to paint the wall light blue maybe with white boarder stencils or do an accent wall like this nursery. .

    I am debating weather i should keep the colors “white/cream and blue” or add brown in it…

    I found the chandelier i want from bellinies which i can custom blue w/white…. blue w/white and brown … etc…

    also i found two rugs one is from pottery barn baby blue..

    another one is blue with brown….

    Im a lil confused with the colors i should keep in the nursery any advices???


  12. avatar SML112010 says:

    thank you so much for the speedy response! :) take care!

  13. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Oh and I did use the bumper and skirt in the beginning but took it off once I dropped the crib. It looked great however it was more of a pain to change the sheets with it on. :)

  14. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Thanks SML112010. It’s made by Dutailier found here: We’ve been very happy with it!

  15. avatar SML112010 says:

    one more question! did you not use the bumpers and skirt that come with the serena and lily blake set? thanks!!!

  16. avatar SML112010 says:

    hi! LOVE your nursery! can you let me know where you found that great rocking chair? i thought it looked like a PBK, but it is a little different. thanks! :) SML

  17. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Hey Epi – Here it is!|4|1||3|catilina||0&cm_src=SCH


    It’s current on sale. I however spray painted mine white to get a true white color. Thank you :)

  18. avatar epi says:

    Great Work! May I ask where you bought the book rack from. Not the shelves but the book holder with the dowels that show the books off. Beautiful room!

  19. avatar Lulu says:

    I just love this peaceful nursery!

  20. avatar Faridatesta says:

    Hi, Just wanted to find out where you got your floating shelves? Just love the room. Thanks!

  21. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Sure thing…the cord kit is from Urban outfitters and it took like three seconds to splice. I had my electrician do it however. The ceiling medallion came from Home Depot in the lighting section. It was maybe $10. Super cheap but looks great. Good luck!

  22. avatar jensinger111 says:

    Great room. I was hoping you could answer a couple on the chandelier. 1. Did you use the cord kit from Urban Outfitters, as it seems like it has a plug on the end (but maybe you were able to splice it to other wires that ran through the ceiling/behind the wall to a switch)? 2. Where did you get the ceiling mount that the wire for the chandelier runs through (it adds a very nice touch)?


  23. avatar admin says:

    The $36 Chandelier | Project Nursery says:

    December 22, 2009 at 2:52 pm  

    […] I will also mention the completion (base board & solid mohagany floors) of my nursery “Modern Baby Blue” that inspired our blog […]

  24. avatar admin says:

    Little Apple Design LA says:

    March 30, 2009 at 9:24 am

    Why thank you! It’s from Serena & Lily – “Blake”.

  25. avatar admin says:

    RKP says:

    March 29, 2009 at 10:42 pm


    I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the bedding from. I love it! The room is gorgeous.


  26. avatar admin says:

    cecilia says:

    February 26, 2009 at 9:40 am

    hello again i am getting ready to reproduce your beautifull room…is there any way that i can e mail the room to my sister in Peru?

  27. avatar admin says:

    Little Apple Design LA says:

    February 26, 2009 at 9:34 am

    Hi Emily! I hope I responded to you. If not, sorry for the delay and the answer is yes. I marked my lines and then used two strips of tape. It’s a pain but make sure the tape is pressed really well against the wall so the paint doesn’t leak. Best of luck!

  28. avatar admin says:

    emily says:

    February 20, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    hi! loving the room – so darling. i’m going to copy! :) question: i have the same problem, in that i’ve already painted my daughter’s room a bright pink, so i’m going to have to do the lines the hard way. did you just mark your lines, and then “double” tape to create a line inside the tape lines? (i’m not describing this v well!). essentially you had to do 2 strips of tape for each line you created, correct? any tips?


  29. avatar admin says:

    Little Apple Design LA says:

    February 11, 2009 at 1:18 pm  

    Thanks Cecilia! Yes the Lake Placid Blue by Benjamin Moore was used on all the other walls.

  30. avatar admin says:

    cecilia says:

    February 10, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Hi!!! i love your room !!!!!! …let me ask you something…is the wall with design the same color blue as the other walls??
    thank you

  31. avatar admin says:

    Little Apple Design LA says:

    March 25, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    Hi all! This is in response to the many questions I’ve received about the paint…

    “I actually designed the room on a whim while trying to temporarily paint my son’s room. It took us just one evening. The lines are 2 inches wide and the boxes are set 16 inches apart. We made it difficult on ourselves b/c we painted the blue first. The lattice design was an after thought. What we should have done is…

    – Paint the wall white and let dry overnight
    – Use standard blue painters tape (its already two inches wide) and run the tape from the top corner of the wall diagonally to the bottom corner.
    – Do the same with the opposite corners so you have a large X on the wall.
    – Work your way from the inside out by taping the diagonal lines 16 inches apart from one another (or 18 inches if you are measuring from the beginning edge of the painters tape like we did).
    – Just trying the get the lines straight is the most difficult part. To get a straight line, we pulled the tape 10 inches or so at time before sticking it to the wall. We also used a light pencil to draw straight lines as a guide. Looking back, one of those snap chalk line thingys from a hardware store would have been super helpful.
    – Make certain there are no air bubbles in the tape and that the edges are flush to the wall.
    – Wait until dry and pull back the tape!
    Hope my directions help. I do know that some type of semi-gloss exists that can be painted on the wall first to ensure the lines are clean and smooth. We didn’t have any handy at the time but the end result were crisp, clean lines.”

  32. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Hey Amber, It’s an oldie but goodie from Land of Nod. I believe it’s been discontinued. They have one now that looks very similar but I think the quality of this one is a bit better. 

  33. avatar amberpayne says:

    Great nursery!  I’m desperate to find out what kind of crib that is!!  Thanks