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Baby Gear to Keep at Grandma’s House

Heading over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house is a little different now that you have a baby coming along for the trip! If you’re venturing to visit grandparents this summer—or if you’re lucky enough to have them just around the corner—stocking up their house with your favorite baby gear and supplies will go a long way in making it feel like home when you visit.

A Crib They Can Tuck Away. At the top of the list is giving your little one a place to sleep when you’re visiting. Because, as we all know, if baby isn’t sleeping, nobody is sleeping. (You want to get invited back, don’t you?) The Maki Folding Crib folds up quickly and has wheels for easily rolling into the closet when not in use. Looking for a more portable solution? We now carry DockATot in The Project Nursery Shop!

Maki Folding Crib
Maki Folding Crib, available in three colors

For When You Sneak Out on Date Night. The best part about visiting grandparents? Built-in babysitters! Keep an eye on everyone when you’re out enjoying some kid-free time with a monitor you can view via your phone. Bonus points for putting the app on Grandma and Grandpa’s phone so they can peek in on baby, too.

Project Nursery WiFi Baby MonitorProject Nursery WiFi Baby Monitor

Diaper Essentials. Before you leave home, jump on Amazon and have all your favorite diaper essentials mailed to their house. Not only will you not have to travel with boxes upon boxes of diapers, but everything will be ready to go when you arrive! Bring a cute storage container with you to leave at their house.

Pom Pom BinPom Pom Storage Bin, now available in charcoal

A Diaper Bag, Just for Them. If you’re like me, your diaper bag doubles as your purse and basically holds everything in life that’s dear to you. So, when the grandparents want to take your little one to the zoo or the park and you have to send your beloved bag with them? (Cringe.) Grab an extra diaper bag to keep at their house that you can send with them without worry!

Unisex Courage Diaper Bag

The Little Essentials You Always Forget. Without fail, you’ll likely forget something when you visit, and, if you’re flying, the chances of leaving a teether, bib, blanket or rattle on the plane is pretty high. Keep some basic baby essentials at Grandma and Grandpa’s house to ensure that there are always extras to cover travel mishaps.

Woodland Bandana Bib Set







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