Marnie Amelia’s Pink 1st Birthday Party

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A pink 1st birthday party in celebration of our beautiful baby girl, Marnie Amelia

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was simply my baby girl, I wanted to create for her a pretty pink party perfect for a princess. Once I had obtained the vision I looked to Project Nursery & Pinterest for more inspiration and ideas.

Project Details

We held the party at a local park which had lots of covered areas including a kiddie playground, picnic tables, bbq, amenities & skatepark for the older kids. We wanted to have a party for all ages, one everyone could enjoy and I think we succeeded. The decorated picnic area was setup for the bbq lunch, we had picnic blankets scattered on the grass, we had a princess tent filled with toys to entertain the little kids and the marquee was setup for the young as well as the young at heart.  I stumbled across the marquee at a closing down sale, it inspired me further to create a pretty pink day for Marnie to treasure forever.

Favorite Items

My favourite item was the little tutu I made especially for Marnie to wear on the day, I might have to continue the tradition of making her a tutu for her special day :) It was surprisingly very easy as it required no sewing, I found some instructions on Pinterest.

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