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Beckett’s DIY Nursery


Hi I am Jacqlene, first time mom from California.  When I first found out I was pregnant I immediatly began dreaming up and pinning the perfect nursery.  A lot of love went into this room and was done on a major budget.  Im so happy with the results and I wanted to share Beckett’s nursery with everyone.  This room was so much fun to create with the help of all the people that showered our boy with love and presents.  I didn’t really ever have a theme in mind and just basically choose a fabric out at Joann’s (the necktie print) that my mom purchased for me to create the bedding, curtains, diaper stacker and changing pad cover.  From there I just went with a lot of red accents and lots of colors throughout the room. 


Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from the necktie fabric I used to create the bedskirt, valiance, diaper stacker, and changing pad cover.  I used that to gather ideas for color in other items in the room and as the most eye catching print in the room, everything else had to be more subtle.

Decorating Style

My usual decorating style is a lot of black, white, neutral.. I do not use a lot of color so for Beck's nursery I wanted to use as much color as possible!  Another key factor of my sytle had to do with budget.  I did not have a huge budget for this room so I needed to be practical and use a lot of what I already had/ could buy at a low cost and DIY.

Project Details

HUGE props to my baby daddy for all of the time he spent on this room with me.  Every single piece of it that is hung up was measured perfectly and precisely (with much more patience than i could ever process) by Brytt (DAD) and it looks gorgeous!  This was most definitely a joint effort and such a JOY to create.  It is my favorite place to hang out.  Everything fell into place just as it should and I am PROUD to show it off.  :)  The fact that it was all gifted, bought, re purposed or used on such an incredibly low budget is very cool.  We really made a lot of cool stuff out of things we already had and it makes every piece just that much more meaningful!  :)

Mobile:  I purchased a hanging fixture off of the Pottery Barn Kids website and removed the crystals and pink felt bird attached to it originally.  I collected paint samples from Lowes and die-cut them into various sizes of circles which I then glued together so they would be a different color on each side.    The entire project cost we under $ 5.00!


Framed B:  The red letter was spray painted and used in our maternity pictures.
I then glued the “B” to one of the frames used as centerpieces at my shower and took apart a gifted frame to use only the frame without the glass.  This whole project cast less than 4.00$ (all we purchased was the B and the red spray paint!)


 Crib skirt & diaper stacker sewn by yours truly :) My mom took me fabric shopping on Black Friday we got up supper early and braved the crowds! Found the cutest prints I made lots of goodies from them.  Since the materials for these were from my mommy this whole project was free for us!


Window treatment:  So proud of this wall also, everything in the room came together so perfect! The rods were purchased on sale from Potterybarn.  We unknowingly bought only the brackets, finials and back rod on a huge clearance and then were unable to find the front rod anywhere so we had to improvise!  The finials became the tieback  holders for the curtains and we purchased a smaller rod from Target that you cant see so it works perfect.  The valiance was part of the material purchased by my mom and the gray curtains were from Goodwill, only 3.00$!  They started as a new with tags (score!)  flat king sheet that I cut up and hemmed to create two identical straight curtains.    Whole project cost us less than 20.00$!


(RED BOOK AND TOY CABINET UNDER WINDOW)  This piece was also purchased from the Goodwill and refinished and painted by Brytt and his dad.  I love the bright red color!  Inside you can see we are keeping his book and toys organized and using the top for decoration and later on perhaps ill make a cushion to sit on as a kind of “window seat” type thing.


The chair was another piece of furniture my grandma was getting rid of and it is sooooo comfy!  I have sat in this chair at her house so many times and fallen asleep on it too, its that good!   I couldn’t think of a more perfect nursing chair for me so she graciously let me have it.  The chair cover was purchased by my momma for, I wanna say like 70.00$, so a little pricey but it fits perfect, I love the color, and a new glider would have cost 6 times that much!  The blanket was made for Beck by my sweet momma and the pillow is a sale purchase from Pottery Barn!  The frame above the chair was one I already had and the mirror was Brytts from years ago!  The ottoman was a sale/cartwheel steal that I got for like $25.00!  I love it because it has storage inside and the top flips over to become a stationary tray.  Perfect for nursing and so comfy I have spent lots of time here.  (So has many loads of laundry because it’s the perfect place to throw it straight out of the dryer lol)  This whole wall cost us  less than 125.00$!


When all was said and done I would say that the entire room cost us, personally, like...less than 400$.  Which is AAAHHHmazing!  It was so fun to create this room and I am so thankful to everyone who helped!

Changing Cover:  Buy Buy Baby (The fabric was purchased at Joann's and I made it into the changing table cover, the bed skirt, the curtains and the diaper stacker.

Frames:  Gifted  (These were actually the centerpieces at my baby shower.  We found a burlap mustache fabric at Walmart and used it in the frames.  I printed out maternity pictures taken by the VERY talented and wonderfully sweet, Danielle Marie Photographer and Artist)


Clock:  Target


Gold frames: Gifted & Dollar Store


B:  Found it at Micheal's craft store and pained with black chalkboard paint.


Red shelf:  Ha!  This is actually a side of an old framed cork board I have had since I was like 10.  I tore it apart and spray painted it with red spray paint.  After it was dry, Brytt drilled two holes in it to put the gold nails in and put it up in the wall.  The cork board material was used in the picture below in another gifted frame! :)

Favorite Items

(CHARCOAL DRESSER WITH WHITE HARDWARE - bought at a thrift store downtown and painted by dad and grandpa with chalkpaint)  ALL TIME FAVORITE WALL EVER!  Omg this dresser was a LOT of hard work to find and even more hard work by Brytt (DAD) and Bryan (G-pa) to paint and refinish.  It came out better than I could even dream up.  I am out of my mind IN-LOVE with how well made and special this piece of furniture is to me and will be to Beckett.  :)

Dresser:  Craigslist via a thrift shop in Tower District.  You can see the dramatic transformation it went through in the picture.  We got a pretty good deal on the dresser since we refinished it ourselves and the whole project totaled less than 150.00$



THE FRAMED PICTURE OF 'ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN' QUOTE This is probably my favorite project I did!  I love, love, love this book, the poem, the message, it turned out better than I imagined.  I was gifted the frame and printed out the poem after I created it in Word.  So this project was FREE FREE FREE, love it!


My favorite part of this nursery is that is doesn't really have a locked-down, for certain, THEME.  If anything is is a "gentleman's room" and I LOVE THAT!  It really gives me a lot of room to use a lot of the pieces I worked so hard on for many many years in his room, I will just be changing the details for necessity as he grows older and needs the space to serve different function.


LET DAD GET INVOLVED!  I love how special this room is to BOTH of us.  Obviously he didn't too crazy decorating and didn't care all that much but all the muscle was totally dad's doing and the furniture will always be so sentimental because of his involvement!