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Lowe’s Simple Sewing Nursery


Lowe's sewing nursery is girly without over the top frills. I wanted to keep things simple and calming.

Design Inspiration

My grandmother (Lowe's great-grandmother) has been a seamstress for many many years. She has tons of patterns and was planning on giving away some of the older ones. My mom told her to let me look at them first and I am so glad she did. the Inspiration for the entire room was around the three vintage sewing patterns I got from my grandmother. I love that the focal point of her room has such sentimental value. They are something that Lowe will cherish forever.

Decorating Style

I am very traditional. We just built a new house but modeled it after an old farmhouse. I like to keep things simple with a mix of rustic and vintage things. Nothing in my house matches. I buy and collect things that I love and that make me happy and that is exactly what I did in Lowe's nursery.

Project Details

Vintage sewing patterns-my grandmother and custom framed at Michaels

Jars of buttons-buttons from my great aunt Hattie and old jars from my grandfather

Crib pillow-I made this my wrapping inexpensive fabric around a pillow insert and hand sewing the great-aunt Hattie's buttons into a heart shape using a paper template

Crib skirt-custom made by my grandmother (re-used from my sons nursery)

Joy Crib: Bratt Decor

Monico Glider: Baby Bliss

Rug: Dash and Albert

Sewing Thread and Spool of Lace: Dove's Nest

Cardboard L: JoAnn's Fabric

Frame and Baptism gown-vintage frame with my baptism gown that my grandmother made

Bookshelves: Etsy

Yarn Pom Poms: Handmade

Toy Cart: IKEA

Chandelier: Vintage brass refinished and painted white with lampshades added from Ballard Design

Favorite Items

The sewing patterns from my grandmother and the buttons from my great-aunt Hattie.


Don't worry about a theme or being matchy. Just go with what you love and what inspires you and it will all come together.