Woodland Wonderland

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This birthday or Winter party is perfect for those cold weather days that are fast approaching us . Party was for Babiekinsmag.com and done by Loralee Lewis of http://www.nofussfabulous.com

Design Inspiration

Woodsy, outside and nature which makes this also very affordable!

Decorating Style

modern but still very sweet

Project Details

Wood and pine-cones were a couple things used in decorating our outside winter party. Learn more about the party at http://www.babiekinsmag.com/issue7.html

Favorite Items

The craft was a favorite at the party! We made pine cone critters! :)


Even-though its cold out side celebrate it! There is nothing more fun then putting on some warm fuzzy clothes and drinking hot cocoa or eating a warm bowl of soup while having a party outside that is inspired by winter!


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    Nice. I have always wanted a party like this, but I don’t live in a place with a woodsy area at the back of the house. And even if I did, I’d be worrying endlessly about squirrels, snakes, and other creatures that would possible ruin the party.

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