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Shiloh’s Playroom


I wanted to create a colorful place for my son as he grew up.  He loves color, and I wanted the space to be very colorful and fun.  I didn't have much of a budget, just enough for paints and a few nicknacks, but I loved how it came out, and more than anything he loves it, too (so does his little friends).  The best part for me is that this playroom is solely that.  He can go in there and play and make a mess, and I can close the door when he's done until I have a chance to tidy up.  Less stress.  This whole project was @ $250.00. The largest part of the budget was to purchase all of the decals and wallpaper appliques. 

Design Inspiration

I wanted to create a "town" for my son...We call it "Shilohville"...

Decorating Style

Design on a shoestring budget.

Project Details

I can't paint...I'm no artist, but I wanted to create a little "town" theme.  For those items that I wasn't about to attempt (birds, squirrels, bunnies, air planes, etc...) I bought wall decals or wall paper appliques.  I also went to Michael's and Joann's and bought their prepainted wooden flowers and attached them to the wall.  I also bought little bird houses and did the same.  It gave some dimension to the room and made it more "fun" I think...

Favorite Items

The sun clock that I made.  I couldn't find one,  and those that I found that were close to what I wanted were expensive.  I made this one for less than $10.


Have fun.  Think of the space from the child's perspective.  Things don't have to be "perfect"...


Wednesday 25th of April 2012

I like that the murals are a labor of love. Yeah, you are not an artist but you still did an awesome job.


Sunday 22nd of April 2012

This playroom is so creative and fun!

Jelisa | Blogging Ever After

Saturday 21st of April 2012

Awww, I love this! Great job! :)