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I love watching my son's face light up when he experiences something I've created for him. I'm no designer, but I do my best to make him happy...

Shiloh’s Playroom

I wanted to create a colorful place for my son as he grew up.  He loves color, and I wanted the space to be very colorful and fun.  I didn’t have much of a budget, just enough for paints and a few nicknacks, but I loved how it came out, and more than anything he loves it, too (so does his little friends).  The best part for me is that this playroom is solely that.  He can go in there and play and make a mess, and I can close the door when he’s done until I have a chance to tidy up.  Less stress.  This whole project was @ $250.00. The largest part of the budget was to purchase all of the decals and wallpaper appliques.