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Morgan’s Pirate Party


This was my eldest daughter's 6th birthday party. It would be her last party before becoming a big sister and we wanted to let her have the lime light one last time before she had to share LOL

Design Inspiration

My sweet girl LOVES pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean was huge in our house and that with a younger and slightly girly flare was the major inspiration.

Decorating Style

Backyard party!!!!

Project Details

Most of the details were DIYs. We hand made the invitations, the bouncer was a rental, and the rest of the pirate gear was purchased at either the dollar store or Party City. Everything else, signs, food, cake etc was done by yours truly.

Favorite Items

I was particularly proud of the cake, it was my first attempt at anything beyond a normal slab cake.


BE CREATIVE! A great party does not have to cost a fortune. Pick a theme and have fun with it.

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  4. avatar Nicole Reffett Linville says:

    Where did you find the shark and alligator for pirate party? I looked at party city but they didn’t have either or online.

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  6. avatar Andrea Smith says:

    Alex just like it on the side panel and then share on FB etc

  7. avatar Andrea Smith says:

    Thank you Chonnie! I tried to make it a party I would have wanted as a kid too! Although I think many parties I see are beautiful very few seem to be about the kids and are more about the appearance. So often I look at those beautiful parties and think geeze the decor and food are beautiful but what was there for the kids to do?

  8. avatar AClarke says:

    how do i vote?!

  9. avatar Chonnie says:

    You did such a great job!!! This is the kind of party I would have loved when I was a kid. You put so much effort into the activities. Happy birthday Morgan and good luck with the arrival of number two