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Hi There, I am a young mommy of two beautiful girls. Project nursery inspired much of my youngest daughter's nursery so I decided to share some of it on here. I am also an Early Childhood Educator with a love for crafts and all things kiddy.

Girl Owl First Birthday Party Cake

Addison’s 1st Birthday

Addison’s First Birthday party was a gathering of young and old, we decided to have an owl theme because Addison’s first sound was “whoo”

Morgan’s Pirate Party

This was my eldest daughter’s 6th birthday party. It would be her last party before becoming a big sister and we wanted to let her have the lime light one last time before she had to share LOL

Addison’s Nursery

I wanted to design a space that was girly with a sense of calm. I did not want the standard baby pink room and knew I wanted to use grey as the main colour so that it could be a room that Addison could grow with. PS check back in a few days I have a couple more projects on the go that I will add when finished.