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Marin’s Sweet Retreat


This room has many personalized items, along with some items available at local retailers. I wanted to give my little one a room that was fun and whimsical, but that would also be a great place to grow, and I had a limited budget to work with. These photos were just taken with my iPhone, so the quality doesn't really do the room justice, but you'll get the idea. ;)

Design Inspiration

I love owls, butterflies and trees and wanted to bring a sense of nature and whimsy to Marin's room. I have many hand-made elements that were made just for Marin with love, and they bring a sense of intimacy to the room. I also wanted a room that could grow with Marin, and easily transition to a toddler play space for her, wehen the time comes. 

Decorating Style

Ecclectic - I'd like to be modern, but I also use a lot of traditional and vintage items. 

Project Details

There are some DIY tutorials I created along the way at 

Favorite Items

A few of my favorite elements are the homemade quilt/bumper, homemade butterfly lamp, homemade batik painting, homemade tissue-paper wall art and vintage book page. Many of these tutorials can be found at


Work from your heart. My desire was to create a space for Marin that was both unique and personal. I had a limited budget, so I had to be creative with my projects, but I am thrilled with the room. It's still a work in progress, but I feel like it  is a breath of fresh air!


Tuesday 9th of August 2011

My favorite items have to be the quilt and the homemade batik artwork! Gorgeous!!! These are very personalized items and they are very interesting to look at. Great job with the room!


Tuesday 9th of August 2011

Love the colors and the painting... Cute!


Saturday 6th of August 2011

I love all the colors and the Batik painting is so cool and beautiful, too!  Great nursery :o)