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Ladybugs and Lullabies Nursery


Subtle ladybugs and pops of colorful flowers adorn this calming, feminine retreat.  Fashionable and functional, this room is enjoyable for both- a baby girl and her parents.

Design Inspiration

I have always had a thing for ladybugs, but didn't want a red and black room.  I decided to do a flower-filled room, with subtle accents of ladybugs that you will notice when you look for them (similar to the hidden Mickeys you can find at Disneyland)

Decorating Style

When I decorate, I always find a piece of inspiration first, and then choose my decor based on the inspiration.  I have designed around pieces of art, photography, patterns from  clothing, a highly-valued trinket, you name it.  Inspiration can literally come from anything!

Project Details

  • Recliner: La Z Boy in brown corduroy
  • Crib: Amazon (Babyletto Modo)
  • Crib Crown: DIY- I used a turquoise planter found on Etsy and sheer curtain shawls found at Big Lots
  • Hanging 9" Kissing Balls: The plain flower ones were found on eBay, while the ladybug one is DIY
  • Ruffle-tiered curtains: Target (Search- "Xhilaration Ruffle Window Panel")
  • Curtain Rod: Home Depot
  • Ladybug sheets: eBay
  • Pillows: The purple, turquoise, white, and brown ones were found at Target (Search- "Xhilaration Jersey Ruffle Pillow"), the pink one on Zulily
  • Brown Lambskin Rug: Costco (Search; "Auskin Natural Lambskin Rug")
  • Dresser: Local Furniture in a Box store
  • Mirror: Home Depot
  • Changing Pad: Nook Brand (Found at
  • Glitter Accent Wall (the wall behind the crib): Purchase any wall paint, and add glitter packets found at Lowes (Valspar glitter paint additive) to it.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the crib "crown".  I knew I wanted a crown, but they are so expensive!  After countless searches for a cheap way to do a crib crown, I found the turquoise planter on Etsy, and made my own!  The sheer shawl fabric coming out of the planter was purchased at Big Lots, and the flowers were purchased at Michael's.  The tie-backs, that hold the fabric up on the wall so that it can be draped, are simply metal curtain tie-backs.


Take your time and find pieces that mean something to you!  Use Project Nursery to find elements that you would like to see in your room, and then add those elements in a way that will mesh with the design you've chosen.  For instance, the recliner is brown corduroy, so I searched online for a brown corduroy crib duster and throw pillows.  Voila! The three elements mesh perfectly, and accent the room perfectly!