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Stay at home mom of two young boys, living in the western suburbs of Chicago, studying interior design and practicing with my first and only client (me)!

Rocco’s Nursery

After moving to the suburbs when Rocco was 9 months old, I had the opportunity to improve on our original city condo nursery design in a new setting and in a great little bedroom space. We loved the charming mirrored reading nook with the presence of the central window above the foyer looking out on our front yard. It just felt completely right for the nursery spot. Our city nursery was a bold turquoise color, but I decided to tone down the walls with a basic gray, as I wanted the other elements in the room to pop more clearly (and the closet doors to fade away a bit more). I love placing the crib away from the wall, both for safety and aesthetic reasons.  This room lends itself to that central crib placement, as the dominant furniture and light fixture in the room all work on the same plane and in the same line with one another, creating cohesion and fluidity to the eye.

Eddie’s Nursery

Designing a second nursery in our house (his older brother was under two years old when Eddie was born) was all about minimizing extra clutter and unnecessary large items that would have to be stored later (especially if his older brother moved from his crib to an adult bed anytime soon). Therefore, I designed the room around the Bloom Alma Mini Crib. I wanted a smaller, collapsible crib, and I absolutely loved the color. From there, I decided on icy blue walls, orange, navy, and varied shades of green accents (I hand made the simple paper crane mobile with fishing line, 3m hooks, and cranes purchased on, and a few neutral pieces to anchor the room. The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose “Babies” prints give a sweet, light touch to the space over the changing table, while the large scale Edward Holland abstract tree print ties the colors of the room together (icy blue, white, lime green, grass green, and an accent of purple).