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Rocco’s Nursery


After moving to the suburbs when Rocco was 9 months old, I had the opportunity to improve on our original city condo nursery design in a new setting and in a great little bedroom space. We loved the charming mirrored reading nook with the presence of the central window above the foyer looking out on our front yard. It just felt completely right for the nursery spot. Our city nursery was a bold turquoise color, but I decided to tone down the walls with a basic gray, as I wanted the other elements in the room to pop more clearly (and the closet doors to fade away a bit more). I love placing the crib away from the wall, both for safety and aesthetic reasons.  This room lends itself to that central crib placement, as the dominant furniture and light fixture in the room all work on the same plane and in the same line with one another, creating cohesion and fluidity to the eye.

Design Inspiration

My dad, Rocco's "Pa", made the simple black crib, so that really is the central focus (for sentimental reasons and because, well, the crib is placed as such in the room and is quite central to the most important function of the nursery). The Monte Design Luca Glider has black piping on a charcoal background to tie the black from the crib into that nook of the room, and the changing pad sits in a black tray (I painted a white tray with acrylic paint, as I was unable to find a black tray in the correct size) atop the dresser for continuity. Now that Rocco has a younger brother, we've moved the glider down to our living room for use there.  We replaced it with an over-sized "Plush" beanbag, where my husband reads Rocco his nighttime stories. The marquee vintage channel letters (found from several shops on also served as inspiration for the room, as the red was worked into other areas (the orange and red accents in the reading nook rug, elements in a couple of the marionettes, the sneakers in the simple mobile above the changing table). The Nate Duval "Sneakers" print included turquoise and lime accents which are also present in the rope elephant and sneaker mobile shoestring cord above the changing table. Finally, the Xavier Nuez "Alleys & Ruins" series print and the vintage clown marionettes (from my childhood collection, hung from a mobile constructed by my dad) burst with many bold colors to tie everything together.

Decorating Style

Eclectic, though I always lean toward more modern, clean lines.  I try to have at least one vintage piece in each room, and I favor industrial light fixtures and hardware. is my go-to resource for wall accents or art installations. I also frequent art fairs in the summer hoping to find unique pieces.

Project Details

Monte Design Luca Glider:

Nate Duval "Sneakers" print:

Xavier Nuez "Alleys & Ruins no. 103, Angel Luis (2008, Compton, CA, 12:30am)":

One source for the marquee channel letters:

Festival Rug:

Ordinal Dresser:

Similar Moroccan Pendants:

Bloom Coco Lounger:


Tuesday 30th of July 2013

what size is your canvas print?

Amie Greene

Tuesday 9th of April 2013

It's really so heartwarming to know your dad is so involved in creating this room. There's sentimental value behind those old clown marionettes, so I'd say it's a really great and charming addition to the room (despite the fact that I personally find old marionettes creepy -- there must be a bad experience with them from a past life, haha).

Courtney Johnson

Saturday 13th of April 2013

Thank you so much, Annie! These marionettes, along with many other creepy ones, hang in my room growing up -- suffice it to say, I don't have the clown/puppet fear many do, maybe due to that exposure! And my Dad's contributions are so fitting, as he and Rocco are absolutely best friends now. Their bond is incredible to witness.