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Hi! I'm Abby and I'm currently a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful little 2 1/2 month baby girl named Annabelle. I'm big into DIY projects, learning new hobbies and planning events both personally and professionally. I'm currently searching for what I hope will be a career that encompasses all three of the above interests while making plenty of time for my little munchkin and wonderful husband!

Annabelle’s Nursery

I spent a lot of time imagining the perfect space for my little baby girl. I wanted something soothing but colorful and fun. I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in the nursery in the coming months! While I was pregnant I did everything from the painting to woodworking projects with my dad to make the space special. It turned out just how I imagined and I love playing with baby Annabelle in the room every morning!