Simplified Living with this 2-in-1 Baby Must-Have from Ubbi

This month I have been doing a “Simplify September” challenge with some mom friends of mine. In an effort to clear the clutter in our lives and create more margin for the good things in life, we are focusing on having less so we can manage less. While some things are being cleared away, we are replacing them with innovative and quality products that truly pull their weight. And bonus points if they pull double duty like the latest product from worldwide beloved baby brand, Ubbi!

Ubbi Blanket Buddies

Ubbi’s latest innovation in the baby market is an adorable new muslin blanket buddy. Now before you call me out for needing another baby blanket, let me tell you that this blanket is more than a blanket! It’s actually a 2-in-1 convertible cutie that is both a blanket and a stuffed animal. The muslin blanket buddy quickly changes from blanket to stuffed animal to blanket again making it perfect for playtime, naptime and every activity in between.

Ubbi Blanket Buddies

As parents, we have a heightened desire to find functional products that are safe, durable and washable. I feel the need to repeat: washable! The Ubbi Blanket Buddies are checking all of those boxes. Made of the 100% cotton muslin that we have all fallen in love with, you can count on this blanket and stuffed animal combo to be lightweight, comfortable, breathable and super soft. PS: we love the graphic prints too!

Ubbi Blanket Buddies

To transform your blanket buddy into a stuffed animal, simply stuff the blanket into the animal shaped pocket. As you fill the pocket with all of the blanket you will see the cute creature come to cuddly life! Quick Tip: Encourage your walking kiddos to create the animal before taking their buddy on-the-go to prevent it from dragging on the floor and collecting dirt and grime. We’re giving Ubbi the mom nod of approval for helping us keep our beloved baby things clean.

Ubbi Blanket Buddies

Ubbi consistently brings products that are truly the best combination of design and value to our growing family’s life. Moms will appreciate the fact that Ubbi has put not one but two blanket buddies into each gift set. Yup, that means while one is being loved on the other can be in the wash, at their grandparent’s house, in the diaper bag, at daycare for naptime, or simply in safe keeping just in case buddy #1 goes missing.

Ubbi Blanket Buddies

The Ubbi Blanket Buddies come in three different adorable duos and they are perfectly sized to be cuddly and compact. I love how little space they take up in my diaper bag or purse and that I instantly have a lightweight layer of comfort ready to go at a moment’s notice. Now that is simplified living—yes, even as a mom!

Want to see the Ubbi Blanket Buddies in action? Check out our video here!

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