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In the Big Kids Room with Ashley Jones

Today we are getting a peek into actress Ashley Jones’ room for her stepson Huck. The room is outfitted with lots of his favorite things and plenty of space for family bonding over video games and bedtime stories. Thank you, Ashley, for letting us into your home. We’ll let her take it from here.

Initially, I wanted to create my stepson’s room around an original painting I purchased with my mom at a charity event in New Mexico years ago. The painting is full of the warmth and coziness of the sunset. The painting sits in a carved wood antique frame. It encompasses a desert, outdoorsy vibe that I love. Once we moved into our new home, I wanted to keep that vibe but add a modern, clean twist to it.

Ashley Jones Big Kid Room
Napoli Trundle Bed

My husband and I looked around at furniture for Huck. We wanted a timeless feel that could transition to Hayden’s room or a guest room someday. I’m so pleased we chose the twin trundle Napoli bed from Evolur. I love how the furniture stands out but is not overwhelming in the space. And although I thought the trundle would be used for guests or future sleepovers, little did I know, our family would also end up gathering on both beds at story time or when my husband wants more space to hang out with his boys.

Ashley Jones Big Kid Room

I also chose the complementary pieces that are part of the collection They are sturdy pieces with ample space that still allow you to make your own mark on them.

Ashley Jones Big Kid RoomDouble Dresser

The shelves on top of the dresser allowed Huck to come in and help fill that space with the items that meant the most to him.

Ashley Jones Big Kid RoomHutch/Bookcase

I listened to Huck in regards to the specific items he wanted to see on his shelves everyday. He chose Disney figurines his father gave him, a pink tiger from Kaley Cuoco’s birthday and old family photos—he knew what he wanted! Everything on that shelf has a special meaning to him. Plus, we’ve been discussing clean air and how plants help us breathe, so naturally we had to add greenery! I enjoyed getting to “design” the room with him in this regard.

Photography by Ographr