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Girl Meets Boy: Twin Nursery Inspiration

It’s hard enough to design a nursery for one child, but having twins can make it even harder. And designing a shared space for boy and girl twins might be the biggest challenge of all. We’ve had a couple of these challenges, and today we’re sharing some tips on how to pull it all together and still stay true to both genders.

Choose a neutral rug. Navy blue, emerald green and yellow are all good colors to start with because they can work for both boys and girls.

Create space of his or her own. If you have the room, give each twin his or her own little space. We chose matching dressers and added the same lamp for each child but in different colors.

Boy and Girl Shared Nursery Design BoardDressers | Rug | Fox Print | Train Photo | Car Photo | Bunny Print | Scenic Route Print | Zebra Print

Add in coordinating decor and accessories. We chose coordinating Hello Sweet Boy and Hello Sweet Girl prints that pulled the two gallery walls together. The displays also include prints that have each gender’s interests in mind. Matching dressers can even be customized with different hardware on each one.

Use a neutral backdrop. We selected wallpaper with a wood look.

Pull it all together with crib bedding. Bedding is really the key to creating a cohesive space. This is where you can have a little fun and really make each crib feel unique!

Coordinating Boy and Girl Crib Bedding

Keep the more visible bedding simple. Keeping the crib skirt or bumper—if you choose to use one—the same style but in different colors helps keep them coordinated but makes each crib a little different. We went for a bumper that was available in emerald green for the boy and coral for the girl.

Have fun with the crib sheets. The sheets are where you can have a lot of fun and switch them out with various patterns. We chose a floral crib sheet for the girl’s crib and a triangle crib sheet for the boy’s.

Choose monogrammed pillows. Add a pop of color and give a little individuality to each child with monogrammed pillows.

Follow these simple guidelines, and it will be that much easier to create a shared space that lends itself to both a boy and a girl. Keep the main elements simple and neutral, and then pop in the fun with items that are specific to each child.


Thursday 9th of July 2015

Great article. I had twin girls so I did not have this challenge. But I recently created a boy/girl nursery inspiration board and it was not easy!